■ Author:  Okwunna Okongwu 
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■ May 20, 2018

There is no degree of ridicule and mockery to which people will not subject themselves in their desperation to remain relevant, even when their relevance, as a result of their scavenger activities, has been entirely eroded. This is typically what Mohammed Abubakar Nurudeen Nwodo has found himself in because of his inhuman and conscienceless involvement in many murderous activities, which he has been carrying out for, and on behalf of his Hausa Fulani paymasters and their international sponsors. Starting from the time our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, received the divine sacred mandate to go and liberate Biafrans, and he communicated the same to Biafrans, the vultures and other scavengers, who knew that their game up began to join forces to truncate this divine program. One of the major reasons for which they wanted this Biafra restoration project hindered is because as they received the message of the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra, they digested it, understood it, and knew the Implication for them.
The implication is that because their survival and sustenance have been dependent on the extent to which their people are subjected to deprivation and denial, or even death, they want to ensure that Biafra is not restored, the people will not be free, and their diversionary activities will continue unabated. This was what led all the vultures and scavengers, to coalesce into one "formidable" force for the protection of their egocentric interest. Those in the alliance are Nwodo and his ọha ndị ohi na ndị ama, the soldiers of Judas, and of course, their Fulani masters in collaboration with their murderous British government masters. How was their work made manifest? When the fieldsmen of the feudalistic masters of Nwodo, who are deployed for the purpose of executing their Fulani jihadist and expansionism agenda, through wrecking of wanton and unprecedented human carnage in Biafra land and beyond, not only that Mohammed Nwodo and his cohorts tacitly approved and supported, they even went ahead to commend the action of the genocidists. (don't forget their Immediate visit to Abuja soon after the Nimbo massacre) When the heat of the fire of Biafra restoration project lit by our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, became unbearable, Mohammed Nwodo started going about deceiving himself and his fellow gullible complacent fellows.

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The height of the consciencelessness of Nwodo and his colleagues came when they conspired with the five leprous fingers of the upland part of Biafra land, (who prefer to call themselves the five south east governors), and brought the rank and file of Boko Haram and Fulani herds men in the army uniform of the British inhumanity called Nigeria, in an exercise which left thousands of our people dead, our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, together with its parents, and other members of their family still missing till date, in a genocidal activity codenamed OPERATION PYTHON DANCE 2. This was a brazen act of daylight impunities mass murder of our people, arranged and approved by Nwodo and the five leprous fingers of the same hand, not just with the consent of their Hausa Fulani masters, but equally to their commendation and applause. However, immediately after the so-called operation Python dance 2, Nwodo died. If any man's conscience is seared, and the person is given a reprobate mind, the earlier you understand that the person is dead, the better. Don't forget that to have a reprobate mind is to be in some degree of insanity, and to be insane itself is to be experiencing some level of not too pronounced madness. And any person in this state is as good as dead. This is the very state Nwodo has found himself. Or, is it a sane person that will host an Igbo centred seminar in Lagos? How many times have Yoruba held their Yoruba related matters seminar in Owerri or Nnewi or Enugu or Igweocha? Is it a sound minded person that will think that Igbo land started from Onitsha, as to organise his handshake or did he say leg shake across the Niger? Is it a non-reprobate person that will not only delight but support the decimation of his own people by aliens for the pecuniary reward of crumbs and leftovers, which in any case consolidates the slave status? Is it a sane person that will go to the Senate, in the presence of children, some of whom are young enough to be his grandchildren, and be hypocritically shedding non-remorseful tears, as a trick for attracting non-wary preys, just like the predatory crocodile? Now, to confirm the madness and the implied death of Nwodo and his co-treacherous men, after the mountainous heap of the atrocity of Nwodo to his people, he is alienated, Nwodo is isolated, he is secluded, he is excluded, he is disdained, he is resented, and he is despised. Because Nwodo has isolated himself from his friends, family members, and kinsmen, he can no longer Interact with them, and can not even come near them. Don't forget that by these atrocious acts, Nwodo has defeated in the middle of the path. He is now contending with the consequent inevitable encounter with flies. It is in this state of shamelessness that Nwodo is still vainly pursuing the imaginary restructuring agenda, which his masters have told him in no uncertain terms, that they cannot accept. Having told Nwodo that they can, on no account accept the so-called restructuring, in his reprobacy, which more or less gravitates towards insanity, if not outright madness, Nwodo still goes about chasing shadows in the name of organising restructuring seminars. This must have been at the insistence of his masters to justify the blood money they have paid him. Don't ever forget that it has been drummed into the ears of Mohammed Nwodo by Biafrans, his kinsmen, that Biafrans don't want to restructure, but a referendum, but that if restructuring should happen at all, it must be determined from the result of the referendum. But because Nwodo is not working for his people, but for his masters, he arrogantly goes about, propagating what he KNOWS to be inimical to the existence of his people, with an air of "whoever doesn't like it can go to hell". Because of this resentment and disdain that Nwodo has made himself, he feels he is not safe among his own people, where ordinarily, he should have the greatest feeling of security. Nwodo can ask our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Since Nwodo has turned himself into a monster, which fears and avoids, and is avoided as well concerned by his own people, do you know to whom Nwodo has turned for his protection and security?....... Hausa Fulani. To show the world the level of degeneracy from which Nwodo suffers he is going about making a boast of the fact that Hausa Fulani is protecting him. Too sad for Nwodo. What is the subject matter of this boast? The subject is the charade, in the name of restructuring summit that Nwodo and his gang of monsters want to hold in Awka on 21st of May 2018. First, we Biafrans have told him not to hold his so-called restructuring summit in any part of Biafra land, as what we want is a referendum. Secondly, we Biafrans have stated unequivocally that any Biafran that attends that Nwodo charade is automatically viewed as an enemy of Biafra and Biafrans. (and we urge all Biafrans to dissuade their family members, both immediate and extended to refrain from identifying with that Hausa Fulani sponsored jamboree). Now, seeing that he has deserted and been deserted by his own people in the pursuit of an agenda that will ensure the continuity and Perpetuation of the enslavement, decimation, and ultimate extermination of his people, Nwodo has once again brought the murderers in the terroristic Nigeria army uniform, and he is bold and boastful about it, to massacre his own people once again. But may we tell Nwodo that even if he brings all the Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen in the British inhumanity called Nigeria to act as guard and protector for him and his co dreamers, that charade called restructuring summit will not hold in Awka on the 21st of May 2018 because it is referendum that we want and not restructuring. Let us equally warn Nwodo, as a matter of reminder, that all the security that the tiger can provide you is for you to be kept away from other predators so that at the appointed time, you will constitute a sumptuous delicacy for the "kind" tiger. In other words, as you ride the tiger, be sure to end up in the belly of the tiger. Meanwhile, as our HEROES DAY APPROACHES ON THE 30TH OF MAY, we remind all Biafrans that to appreciate and honour our living and departed heroes by observing the SIT AT HOME ON 30TH OF MAY is a sacred duty, with which all Biafrans must comply. By observing the SIT AT HOME ON 30TH OF MAY, we are reaffirming that we are resolved to end the British occupation of our homeland through their proxy, the terroristic and parasitic Nigeria. We, therefore, urge all Biafrans to fully participate along with their immediate and extended families. God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. God bless Biafra. Come Oh Biafra quickly. All hail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. All hail Biafra.
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Editor Udeagha Obasi
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