By Onumajuru Onyekachi Macsantos (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The hate and misguided speech of Muhammadu Buhari against Biafrans in 2015 on United State soil is worth recycling, "You don't expect me to treat those who gave me 98% of their votes equal with the people who gave me 5% of their vote". The simple question is who are those citizens who didn't vote for Muhammadu Buhari in 2015? Biafrans of course, Biafrans voted for Goodluck Jonathan.

Muhammadu Buhari accomplished his words with mandated and deadly actions. He feels he has unfinished business with Biafrans based on his Islamization agenda. He is using his opportunity as the president and commander in chief of Nigeria armed forces to destroy Biafrans. He is achieving his evil aim with the help of southeast governors, senators and Ohanaeze Ndigbo. He started with series of genocide in Biafra land. (1) His first action just a few months into his administration was to bomb Akwa Ibom with napalm, (2) then came August 30, 2015, he ordered the shooting of IPOB members on evangelism in Onitsha. (3) Many Biafrans were killed during the protests of November/December 2015.

(4) The national high school massacre February 9, 2016, where more than 22 members of IPOB were killed, many injured and some detained unlawfully. (5) Nkpor massacre, Biafra 30th May remembrance day, where more than 200 Biafrans died, over 600 Biafrans got missing till date and uncountable numbers of them got injured. In fact, it was a bloodbath. (6) January 20th, 2017 in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) Rivers state. When Biafrans were celebrating the victory of Republicans and Donald Trump, more than 25 Biafrans were killed by Nigeria security agents, many arrested while some were injured. On the same day, Nigerian security agents burnt both United States and Israeli flags. The security vandals were making a mockery of IPOB Members saying "call TRUMP and Benjamin Nathanyahu to save you".

(7) Operation Python dance (ll) in September 2017, between 10th and 14th at the residence of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. More than 30 Biafrans were brutally murdered, and countless members of IPOB injured and carted away. A sizable number, 72 IPOB members were arrested as well. These numbers exclude some lifeless bodies dumped in the forest, pits, rivers and about 6 killed on their way to Afaraukwu Ibekwe, Umuahia to visit Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Many were tortured, some beaten to death and more than 30 of them ordered to drink contaminated/muddy water under the command of armed Nigerian soldiers. The videos spread like wildfire in social media even till now.

Biafrans, see on television, listen to radio, read on internet and on daily newspapers how the United States of America gave help and aid to some countries who have not passed through one percent (1%) of the pains Biafrans are passing through in the hands of British Nigerian Government –talking about intimidation, maiming, adoption, rape and genocide. No country or countries in recent times have come out boldly to defend and protect Biafrans.

The United state of America is well known for helping the helpless people, but Biafrans have not experienced such from the United State government. President Trump should understand that Biafrans have suffered a lot in the hands of these savages. Biafrans are Republicans in nature as such, natural allies of the United States. Biafra will be one of the strongest allies of the united state in near future. President TRUMP, Biafra citizens know you as a principled leader that identifies truth and call evil by its name. Biafrans need the urgent response of United States of America towards the restoration of the state of Biafra.
In Biafra, we stand.

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