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■ May 16, 2018
By Okwunna Okongwu When people want to entertain themselves by being childishly clever, they invent every kind of baseless and irritating theory to support the continued existence of the worst inhumanity ever committed in human history by the murderous British government, called Nigeria. Britain, through their moronic and terroristic proxy called Nigeria, has committed various degrees of atrocities directly upon Biafrans, simply because of their exploitative economic considerations, with particular reference to the Biafran wealth (OIL AND GAS). It is this dependence on the Biafran wealth (OIL AND GAS) by satanic Britain (British government) that they have been committing every form of atrocious abomination to ensure the retention of their criminal enterprise called Nigeria, so that they will continue to hide behind Nigeria to secretly execute the open genocide they suspended in 1970, and mindlessly propagate the agenda of ceaseless economic rape and unconscionable exploitation and degradation of Biafrans and Biafra land. It is then very clear that the present fireworks by Biafrans for the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra, is giving Britain and their fellow international parasites sleepless nights. This is why, in their desperation, they have been hiring every category of "public opinion molder" to mount a fiery campaign about "salvaging Nigeria for the good of every Nigerian." Let it therefore be known to any fifth columnist among Biafrans, or any alamajiri "intellectual" who may have accepted money to work against Biafra, or in fear of the calamity that will undoubtedly befall the terroristic almajiristic parasites, has taken up the task of presenting a counter-narrative, that whatsoever is being done now is far too late. The British inhumanity and toxic cauldron called Nigeria is beyond redemption. If you are thinking of salvaging anything at all, think of the Biafran referendum and consequent Biafra restoration. This is the only thing that can bring freedom and sanity to all the various peoples who are presently trapped in the fraudulently concocted contraption and the abominable entity called Nigeria. If you are addicted to the Biafran wealth (OIL AND GAS), and you are so intoxicated therewith, and you are afraid that you cannot afford to live without parasitism on Biafra and Biafrans, and you are inventing all the theories in the world to justify the existence of the evil forest and Satan's playground called Nigeria, may I tell you to start reconfiguring your brain already because Biafra is here. The ways of the old fox are no more secret. Therefore, whatever tricks that are applied now to deceive the gullible can only succeed with the gullible. The times are quite different, and we are several steps ahead of our enemies. As we Biafrans observe our HEROES DAY ON THE 30TH OF MAY, THROUGH AN EXERCISE CALLED SIT AT HOME, We remind all Biafrans all over the world and particularly those within the evil forest and toxic cauldron called Nigeria, that this is a sacred duty, which every Biafran must respond to. Remember that it is an expression of appreciation and honor to our departed and living heroes, as well as the reaffirmation of our resolve to end the British occupation of our homeland through their proxy, the terroristic and parasitic Nigeria. Don't fail to involve all your Family. God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. God bless Biafra. Come quickly Oh Biafra. All hail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. All hail Biafra. #EndNigeriaNow #BoycottEveryNigeriaElection #SitAtHomeOn30thMay #BiafraReferendumNow

For: The Biafran Restoration Voice (TBRV)
Published By Umuchiukwu Writers
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