By Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo

Is time to reflect at the past, the massacre  of the great people of Biafra during the bitter civil war which lasted for over 3years (1967-1970). The Nigeria/ Biafra civil war which took the life's of about 6.2 million Biafrans and still counting till date. The pains, subjugation, humiliations, suffering etc they went through during the bitter civil war will never be swept under the carpet.

30th May 2018, is a day to remember our fallen heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate price for us to live. They were massacred on cold blood by air blockade, sea blockade, land blockade masterminded by the British government and her collaborators. We must not forget our pregnant women that was killed at the border of Benue state etc. Their blood are crying for justice and the freedom of Biafra is all they seek.

The reason why the contraption called Nigeria will never make progress is because too many innocent bloods has been shard for decades of creation. On daily basis innocent life's are been slaughtered, just to keep the illegal creation by Fredrick Lugard and her harlot girlfriend Floral Shaw experiment.

The genocide against the Biafran people will never be swept under the carpet. We will never forgive those that found joy in the extermination of my people. We will never forgive the British government and their European counter parts who masterminded the killings of my people.

what was the crime of my people? because they were blessed with natural resources, because they said no to imperialist who wants to take over their land and resources. Because Chukwu Okike blessed them. We must remember our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, siblings killed during the Nigeria/Biafra bitter civil war. Their blood are crying for justice to be done. Until the state of Nigeria disappear from the surface of the earth they will never rest. We must restore their pride and dignity back. We must restore that nation that was forcefully taken.

Am using this medium to call on all the business men and women in Biafra land to observe a SIT-AT-HOME come 30th May 2018 to honour our great heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate price for us to live. I appeal to Biafrans to shutdown all business sectors, Schools, Shops, Banks, Commercial buses, traders, roadside sellers etc to shutdown their various businesses that very day if truly you believe they died so we will live to fight and restore the lost glory of motherland. Biafra must be free.

No matter the obstacles on our ways, Biafra must be free. I also call on the good people of the world, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom to come our aids. Self-Determination is not a crime but the fundamental right of every indigenous peoples. On daily basis our youths are been abducted and silently killed, indeed we are endangered species. And will never fold our hands to let this bloodsuckers to seize life's from us.

Allow us to exercise our fundamental right. The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) are destined to restore the ancient city of Biafra by any means possible at their disposal. All Hail Biafra, land of the rising sun.

For Rivers Media (Igwuocha Province)

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