■ Author:  Okwunna Okongwu (The Biafran Restoration Voice)
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ May 13, 2018
Faith without work is dead." And to say that faith without work is dead means that faith without work does not exist. Losing sight of reality in the face of illusion can be very easy, especially when illusion seemingly offers on a platter of gold what reality offers on a platter of clay. This is why more and more people are becoming delusional by the day. How 30th of May Sit At Home May Give Us Biafra " is one of the most prevalent discussions on the lips of many, however, It is obvious that the people who conceive this discussion are motivated or propelled by two or more principal factors. The first could be as a result of the devastating shock that the blow of the unprecedented success of the Heroes Day of 2017 gave them, and they want to cleverly pretend as though the impact was not as disastrous as it appeared. Another possible reason why people repeatedly engage in discussions on this is that they are clever by quarter, by thinking such discussions often tend to undermine the significance in the consciousness of Biafrans. Hence it may or may not be realized, but with the rate of success it has registered and is still registering , opinions have it that the restoration of this sovereign nation may not be far from its reach and the emotions that support it through the continued Heroes day Remembrance is an underlying factor that it is within and close to restoration. Another likely reason people incessantly discuss, it is that as Nigeria is synonymous with fraud, they must always demonstrate that fraudulent inclination in all that they do. For this reason, they are likely to have hired a number of almajiris and other rented crowds, telling them to trumpet the fact that sitting at home will not change anything this is because of the fact that the fear of Biafra is choking Nigeria to death, it is possible that they can hire even their enemy to work for them, so long as it concerns working against Biafra. We have Biafrans who have little or no knowledge of what this heroes day stands for, and this kind of people are the Hausa Fulani slaves who have continually worked on the dictates of their slave master. The factor responsible for this is not also farfetched. The first major reason could be attributable to their lack of insight concerning what Biafra represents, and because of the lack of insight, even the things that are not spiritual are hard for them to understand. How then do you expect them to understand spiritual things? However, the reason could be that these so-called Biafrans may not be Biafrans indeed. (it is not every one that bears a Biafran name that is a true Biafran. Some are almajiris biologically).
This is true because any Biafran that is sane will not hesitate to do whatever IPOB demands to be done, seeing that so far, IPOB has recorded 100% success in all the previous demands.
This assertion is based on the fact that there is no single Biafran that is not zealous and very expectant about the restoration of Biafra. In the same vein, we have them both locally and internationally as represented by the British government, working with their local proxy, as represented by the feudalistic government of Nigeria, they also know that there are many saboteurs who on the sight of money, can cut off even their own heads. This class of nonentities could quickly have been recruited from the camp of Radio Buhari, who also call themselves soldiers of Judas, or from the camp of the predatory or scavengers taskmasters as symbolized by the five leprous fingers answering governors, as well as Mohammed Nwodo and his Oha Ndi Ohi na Ndi ama (Ohaneze Ndigbo) . But don't forget that I have stated several times that whosoever answers or bears the Biafra name, but stands against Biafra in any way, must have some pertinent paternity questions to clear. Now, how will "Sit At Home" give us Biafra? Well, because our struggle is a non violent one, but that doesn't mean we can't defend ourselves if need be and because in non violent struggles, civil disobedience constitutes a very potent weapon, more devastating than all the missiles in the world put together, and Boycotting is one of the tools in the weapon of civil disobedience, we will continuously utilize this tool, which though is physically harmless, but brings evil and terroristic governments (like the present tyranny in Nigeria), down, disorganized, frustrated and hence reveals the real intentions of Biafrans that the only reason for this boycott or '' Sit At Home ''is because we want to register our displeasure to whom it may concern that we are not Nigerians that we have a history and we want to go back to what we used to be before we were forced to be in this contraption and that as seen by all standards that we cannot be together because we have a different value system from the Hausa /Fulani and Yoruba. Nigeria should never have existed, its a fraud and this is from the foundation, that is why nothing is working for it, it is a cursed contraption. We must let our brothers and sisters know that the feudalistic government of Nigeria knows the calamitous impact our Sit At Home will have. That is why they have begun early to recruit the likes of Ohaneze Ndigbo and Mohammed Nwodo to campaign against our remarkable and solemn sit at home on 30th of May in honor of our departed and living heroes. Does anyone need to be tutored on the extent to which the world began to discuss about us since the 2017 exercise, after which the almajiris and their parasitic collaborators ran mad, forcing them to give Biafrans their so-called Quit Notice, (which they are still regretting up to this moment, of course, they are aware that blunder catapulted the Biafra restoration project to unimaginable height. The unforgettable day in the life of Biafrans all over the 98 continents of the WORLD, 30th May is around the corner and we must not forget so soon because it is a day to remember our Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, Aunties, Brothers and Sisters murdered in cold blood by the Nigeria murderous and devilish agents set up to wipe away Biafrans by the British Government in order to have full control of our God-given gifts of nature. Since the creation of the entity called Nigeria, it is quite unfortunate that Biafrans has been experiencing all manner of inhuman treatment, assault, intimidations rape, annihilation, ethnic cleansing, unlawful killings just to mention but a few. We will also never forget the killing of innocent Biafra children and pregnant women , Mothers and fathers in 1967 to 1970 till date, we must honor and remember them because their spirit is still crying for justice and vengeance which it's attainment will be actualized when we Sit At Home on 30th May 2018. What is the nature of the responsibility required for 30th May 2018 Heroes Remembrance day for Biafra to be restored ? It must be of total aversion from corruption or any form of sabotage . Who are the people to carry out this responsibility? Those individuals who are willing, regardless of what anyone else may do or not do, to lead the way in avoiding every form of corruption as individuals.

Men and women of integrity, courage and common sense, willing to devote themselves, without thought of reward, to avoiding every form of corruption. No matter what they stand to lose. No matter the consequences, because there will be consequences. Then (and only then), will Biafra Restoration come. We must remember that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has set a pace, a record a moment which in history will remain focal, therefore we will build on this and honor our fallen heroes. EDITED BY EZEKWEREOGU JOHN
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