May 30th is a unique date in the history of Biafra and her citizens. It is a Biafra heroes and heroines Remembrance Day. It is a day set aside by the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) to remember and honour those whom through their service to humanity in the struggle for Biafra freedom, died between 1967-1970 when the genocidal civil war that claimed the lives of over 3.5 million Biafrans mainly women and children took place and thereafter.

Millions of Biafran men and women have so far being massacred in cold blood by the brutal Nigeria arm forces and security operatives masterminded by the British, whom as a result of their economic benefits would do anything to protect the abominable expired contraption called Nigeria from collapse.

As part of the quest to get Biafra restored by this generation of Biafra, the Indigenous People Of Biafra {IPOB} led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu declared May 30th of every year heroes and heroines day to remember them who died in the struggle, few years back the leader of IPOB further declared it 'Sit At Home' for Biafrans all over the world especially those in Biafra land.

This is to further boost the effort of those late heroes and heroines in fighting for the freedom of the nation they died for wherever they may be, because it is a common believe among Biafrans that the demised especially those decimated unjustly always avenge their killings before reincarnation and by observing 'Sit-At-Home' in their honour will enhance their activities in fighting their murderers.

This one day off work, businesses and our normal daily activities for the heroes and heroines’ sake is the highest respect the survivals will give the deceased especially in the struggle for freedom as they are being remembered and it will not remove anything from Biafrans if duly observed.

It is on this note that all Biafrans men, women, children and youths both home and abroad were advised to observe the 'Sit-At-Home' order on May 30th in honour of those who fought and died for their freedom.

By so doing the world and the international communities will realize that the need for Biafra restoration and total freedom from Nigeria is inevitable, and they will have no option than to do the needful since they have observed the wonderful election boycott by Biafrans especially during the Anambra state November 2017 gubernatorial election which was 97% boycotted.

Biafrans did it before and they can still do it again, the previous 'Sit-At-Home' was indeed wonderful. Giving up at this time is not the best option because it is not over until it is over, the best ways to win battle of this kind is through obedient to the leaders’ instructions because they understand the game better. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his deputy Mazi Uche Mefor have done a lot of good works in the recent struggle to restore Biafra and they deserve to be obeyed by Biafrans since all their strategies have worked out for good.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

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