By Mercy Oluchukwu Benard (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Frederick Lugard signed it a treaty allowing Biafra restoration at the expiration of hundred years of the creation of Nigeria. The document notes that at the expiration of one hundred years, all the constituent nations that make up Nigeria can go their separate ways through a referendum. The treaty was signed in 1914 and expired in 2013. Therefore, in respect of the aforementioned treaty, Biafrans are asking for a referendum in order that we may leave this creation called Nigeria.

We have endured enough subjugation, ravaging, impoverishment and all manner of inhuman treatment from Nigeria. The present administration led by Muhammadu Buhari exhibits it all- brutal and inhuman actions, total massacring of the Biafran people, such as the massacre at Enugu, Igweocha, Umuahia etc, starvation, total denial of human rights and refusal to create a peaceful living environment for Biafrans in Nigeria. Consequently, we have no choice than to push harder for our freedom and restoration as a nation that existed before the amalgamation. Buhari’s deliberate attacks on Biafrans in all states that make up Biafraland is worrisome. The governors have collaborated with the president to single out the entire Biafra people for total destruction and elimination. What a crime against humanity!

Biafrans know that Nigeria and her three tiers of government do not have any hope and future for them and therefore refuse their fake, adulterated, false and crooked ways of life, including their leadership pattern of looting, embezzlement, cheating, lies, brutal killings and abuse of human rights. Without mincing words, we declare to the world that it is set and due time for Biafra to be free from Britain and Nigeria’s oppressive and aggressive killings, humiliation and all manner of inhuman treatment which no nation will accept or tolerate.

We therefore, beckon on the world powers whose conscience and reasoning are still alive, to come to our aid since there can be no replacement for the lives lost and wasted. Nigerian government led by Muhammadu Buhari- the terrorist and arch- genocidist is seriously reducing our able men on a daily basis. It can only be right, fair and just to free Biafra from Nigeria, especially, considering the fact that the Indigenous People of Biafra is operating on the United Nations law of the right of the indigenous peoples to seek self-determination. The document on the self-determination of the Indigenous peoples is a treaty that backs the quest of the Indigenous peoples to seek freedom and which can be ignored.

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