By Onumajuru Onyekachi Macsantos (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Nigeria has witnessed yet another APC’s Script written and directed by Muhammadu Buhari, edited and produced by Lai Mohammed, which is titled, “The Return Of Dapchi Girls”. We now see another amazing trend of film tricks as regards the politicized abduction (ransomed), released schoolgirls. The manner in which events unfold in Nigeria points towards a paradigm of disjointed news (information) embodied in repeated lies.

The government of Nigeria vowed to curb corruption and insurgency but all to no avail. The sentiment that has beclouded the activities of this APC government keep manifesting in controversies as seen in the contrasting news headlines from Nigerian compromised media and that of Sahara reporters. This time it is on the artificial release of school children taken and held captive by the same government. Sahara reporters made it plain that the hostages were ransomed which now accumulate to a point of dilemma. It's now more or less like Nollywood where they repeatedly drive people on a mental captivating episode, season in, season out.

The major role of the country's political leaders in the ongoing movie is a smooth pointer that the Head of state cum president has been adamant on the siege betiding this "eyebrow-raising" questions on the ingenuity of the government. Not only has he failed totally in his quest to deliver but is also exercising his original intention of Islamizing the country.

If Nigeria is the giant of Africa indeed, should insurgency dictate the order of the day? The sudden consideration of the government of Nigeria granting amnesty to the terrorist group depicts the imagery of affiliation to the rebels. If the government resolves to grant amnesty to criminals, is the dilemma not continuing for Nigerians?
In Biafra, we stand

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