BY: NGOZI EGORO (Abia writers) 
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe 
After the Northern elders and their elites dismissed the Ohanaeze Ndigbo on their bid for restructuring, in order to silence the IPOB, Ohanaeze plotted a genocide against unarmed youths at Umuahia. The issue of restructuring manifested again to conceal their crime against humanity since IPOB has exposed their wicked actions to the world. 

It is quite apparent that economic survival is one of the objective realities in any people's life. No society has ever existed which did not have its own intrinsic economic values. The intrinsic value includes but not limited to; how to create wealth, how to store it, how to share it out and mode of transmitting it to the future generations. But the case in Nigeria is how to loot, how to fortify and enrich themselves and how to starve their generations. 

By the amalgamation, discrete sub - nationalities were brought under the same colonial situation. There was contact shock. People looked and saw a different degree of socio-economic competition among ethnic groups which has continued unabated while some groups revel in the type of Competition they face. 

Another catalyst that escalates socio-economic competition is insecurity, people are scared about the outcome of the competition with a high sense of feeling that it might put their people at a disadvantage. Therefore, they organize themselves in a way to enhance their competition for resources and positions. One can easily conclude that the lives of the masses are under severe threat. Hopes of many are being dashed as to the possibility of continuing under the present arrangement. The wounds cannot be healed. 

The approach of Ohanaeze Ndigbo has made the generality of the people to loose confidence in them. Those that claimed to be the mirror with which the people see have turned round to connive with the killers of their youths. The level at which they handle vital issues and their people indicate that they have outlived their usefulness. The elders and elites instead of considering all the programs launched by the Nigerian government against their people are rather pegged in the same square with the Nigerian government and the system continued unabated. They eventually become the sacred cows, while the northern elders and elites are stepping on their toes and they are blindly dancing the unconventional music. 

Virtually, in every part of southern Nigeria and the middle belt today, individuals from indigenous people are threatened by the activities of the Fulani sect. The situation has remained unchanged. The Northern elders and their elites have said it unequivocally, that nobody will step on their toes in the name of restructuring. The Ohanaeze opting for restructuring in order to maintain class or occupational identities will never resolve this unequivocal imbalance that has eaten deeply into the fabrics of the foundation and is almost on the verge of sudden collapse.

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