■ Author:  Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ APR 25, 2018

There was a comrade, Chimaobi Okafor was her name, she is a gallant woman, an extraordinary, integrity personified, honesty and dignity were the qualities that defined her, hard work was her watchword.she was an ardent believer in dignity and labor. What more can I say?
The tragic incidence of her exit has left a high vacuum in my life. How I wish death is like a dream, each time I think of your love and care towards the Biafra restoration project my eyes is wet with tears, you demonstrated love and care to Biafrans, whenever I felt discouraged I drew strength and courage from your advice, you always said to us that we should not feel discouraged, you always said that we should not give up. Death why!
This Comrade! In fact, A Great Iroko Tree Has Fallen , if I am asked to choose a comrade in my next life if there is any, I will still accept you, am truly proud of you Chimaoba Okafor because you were one of the world greatest journalist, your style of investigative journalism was fun, the enemies camp was always drawn to shambles, you were a thorn in their flesh, you gave them sleepless nights.
However, The news of your sudden death came as a shock, it was the least we expected, especially at a time like this. I never knew death could be so shameless and heartless to snatch such a perfect being, I was thrown off balance and I wept as I never did.
I wept so profusely as if my whole world had just crumbled upon my head when our Deputy Director announced the saddest news I have ever heard in my entire life that a formidable comrade Chimaobi Okafor A.K.A waka- waka Biafra is gone.

A hardcore and dedicated Biafran who disciplined herself in making sure she updates Biafrans with every secret plot of Nigerian government against the indigenous people of Biafra on radio Biafra, ever ready to take the bull by the horn in getting every information that Biafrans need to hear ,your death has no doubt left IPOB and Biafrans in generally in great lament. " Ada Biafra you are a beckon of hope to many Biafrans, Biafrans are gradually missing you both mentally, spiritually and physically, if wishes were horses, one thing Biafrans will ask for is for you to come back again to witness the Restoration of Biafra which you suffered for.
Comrade my worry is that you did not live to receive gifts from Biafrans for a job well-done, in the same vein people's testimonies within and outside Biafra land continues to give credence to the obvious fact that you actually served humanity with your God-given talent, you used your first class reports to produce ICONS in Biafra land and beyond. Also, many people speak well of your excellent work if it can be said that human being is good, am equally saying so about you, you are good all around.
Words alone are not sufficient to describe the great woman of honor that you were, I will forever cherish great memoirs of you, I miss you so much "Waka-waka Biafra," but I will continue to take solace in the fact that you are resting in the blossom of Chiukwu Ahbiama.
Adieu Chimaobi Okafor Adieu Ada Biafra Adieu, waka- waka Biafra as you are fondly called by Biafrans. Bye waka- waka Biafra until we meet again and never to part no more, I will never stop missing you.
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  1. Truth is Bitter:You are ebullient daughter of Biafra and a hardcore comrade.Biafra will miss you so much but you Fighting spirit to restore Biafra will never be forgotten.You are exceptional Comrade.RIP