Biafran men at work

Buhari is right by saying that Nigeria youths are lazy, in fact this is one of the truth said by Buhari since he assumed office as the president of this expired contraption called Nigeria.

Biafran youths are industrious and creative unlike their so called Nigerian youths counterparts.

Jubril of Sudan in disguise of Buhari should be applauded for saying the truth this time.

We stand on the total freedom of Biafra from the contraption called Nigeria.  Biafrans are tired of feeding the lazy people of Nigeria who depend only on our crude oil and resources for survival.

The old Nigeria politicians who are the true ambassadors of poverty whose mouth are at home and their anus abroad, subjects their youths into laziness and unproductive to their society by creating unemployment in the country.

They will never allow their youths to give any contributions for the development of their society not to talk of allowing them to partake in any activities that will uplift the society and enhance the output of the government.
Those like Buhari, Obasanjo and their other cohorts who wants to die in power will never give their youths any chance to showcase their potentialities, rather they will keep deceiving them that youths are the leaders of tomorrow yet tomorrow they will still remain in power. They use youths for thugs and political errand boys.

They knew that the moment they allow their youths to take over, things will change in great extent which may work to their detriment.

No Nigeria leader cares for the youths and their welfare, because all they needed is their personal and selfish gains and that of their immediate families.

Nigeria since its contraption by the British has depended on Biafra and her youths for survival both in capital and human resources.

What will trigger them into working hard is when Biafra will be totally free from Nigeria, it will charge them to face their responsibilities knowing that the milk and honey from Biafra land has seized.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Abakaliki Province Media

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