The Nigeria police force on Friday 13 April, 2018 embarked on a massive arrest in Enugu province of Biafra land to execute their secret launched weekend arrest scheme aimed at extorting money from innocent citizens of Biafra.

The Nigeria police force in Enugu took to the streets of Trans-Ekulu in Enugu East local government area with not less than their six Hilux vans, around the hour of 6 o'clock in the evening to perpetrate their evil plot against innocent Biafrans going on their normal businesses.

According to an eye witness at the popular RCC estate located behind EEDC office along Enugu Onitsha express way, Trans-Ekulu Enugu state who spoke in the condition of anonymity, explained that people were gathered as usual at the RCC junction for their businesses, and all of a sudden the Nigeria police force Hilux vans of different painted colours both white, green with about three armed police men including their drivers in each of the Hilux vans, landed and scampered around the junction and as they got down from the vans, they began to arrest people. "Not less than twenty persons were arrested in this junction yesterday evening, it is very annoying that the police will wake up to start harassing and arresting innocent citizens, I tire for this country oh" He added.

Meanwhile, one of the persons that was arrested in RCC estate junction, who identified his name as Daniel while narrating his ordeal said that they arrested not less than fifty five persons on that move, because they proceeded to phase six, Ugbodogwu, Damija, Nowas  in  Trans-Ekulu after they had arrested them at RCC for more arrest those areas, even some pedestrians trekking along the road axis of the above mentioned places were equally arrested, before taking them to Penox police station where they were packed in their dungeon.

He further revealed that before his boss came on Saturday morning to bail him with the sum of #4,200, that a police officer suspected to be among those who made the arrest at the evening hours before taking them to sells pragmatically told them that the arrest being made is what they tag WEEKEND ARREST, just to help the police officers get some money into their pockets especially during weekends, therefore they should contact their families and relatives to bring money and bail them or they should bring any money on them so that they will be released.

According to him, he further explained that some persons who had some money on them paid #3,000  while some paid #2,500 each and they were released that same night, but those who could not afford any money were locked up in their sells at Penox police station.

While speaking to the newsmen over the ugly incident from the Nigeria police force, a business man in RCC estate junction who spoke on the condition of anonymity lamented that the police wants to terminate their businesses indirectly, because such act drives away customers since their safety are no longer guaranteed. He therefore called on the appropriate body concerned to call the Nigeria police force to order because this will do more harm to the society if ignored to be addressed.

Most of the victims were the ordinary hustlers of Biafra citizens, who engage in all kinds of manure jobs to make both end meet following the untold hardship and subjugations they were subjected into by the so called Nigeria politicians greedy fools, elites best known as the ambassadors of poverty whose mouths are at home and anus abroad.

Few questions begging for urgent answers following this evil by those who ought to protect lives and property of the citizens are: What actually pushed the Nigeria police force into this? Could it be they not paid? What exactly do they  want to achieve from this? Do they really know the level of damage this will do to their unprofessional fake profession? How do they want people to see them? Why must such scheme of weekend arrest be launched particularly in Biafra land? Can such happen in North and West? Why this high level of intimidation and subjugation on Biafra people?

Some persons within the RCC estate junction who could not have their ways to pour out their burden via speech with newsmen during investigations into this matter soliloquize that the only thing that will save the people from this pogrom and democratic autocracy in dictatorship of the Nigeria government and her security operatives is the total restoration of Biafra as an independent nation, else the worst will be happening on daily bases because they don't seems to be ready for repentance since they derive pleasure in the plight of the innocent citizens.

Ogeh Friday Igiri

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