Aloe Nwankwo, Ebonyi State

The Chief Judge of Ebonyi State Aloe Nwankwo on Tuesday 17, April 2018 banned business activities within and outside the state judiciary.  

The order was issued through Barr. Chino, one of the magistrate in Abakaliki magistrate court in the afternoon hours of Tuesday around 1:50pm, the order which takes effect after 24 hours starts from the moment of the announcement on Tuesday.

According to magistrate Chino who passed the chief judge order to the sellers, he said that anybody sighted within the court premises starting from Wednesday 18, April 218 will be sent to prison.

While speaking to the news men over the issue, a woman that spoke in the condition of anonymity, who  sales food within the court lamented over the order which she cried it will affect them negatively, because it is through the little business they do that they make both end meet and pay their day to day family bills including paying the school fees of their children.

The reasons for issuing this order is not known by anybody as the agitation from the sellers was declined, they were rather referred to the chief judge for details but nobody is to be seen selling within the court premises else he/she will be sent to prison. 

Notwithstanding, he ordered for all the fig trees that provide shed for the people who came to buy foods and other items, which was carried out that same Tuesday.

Ogeh Friday Igiri
Reporting from
Abakiliki Province.
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