Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB, Biafra, Nigeria

In the land, a thing that does not exist in the private part of a she goat has been found in the private part of a she-goat’s off-spring; which means that all is not well and, it is an abomination for an adult to stay in the house and watch a goat to go through the process of delivery in fetter. Although, it is said that when a fire starts from the shrine, no precaution can be possible, a fire has not just started from the shrine but the head has grown a hornet’s nest and at the same time a bee’s hive in the land without the fear of the drum which the head would be forced to dance by the hornets and the bees. Even the legs which do not know that it is an evil dance to dance a vulture’s music have long willy-nilly pulled out a Giant Tree in Biafra land and stood on the head of the scorpion despite its poisonous tail and till date the where about of the said Giant Tree is unknown.

Mr. Yesterday is not Mr. Today as the inhabitants have learnt to, on their own, take the bull by the horn, at the edge of disappointment in the land. The legs that pulled out the Giant Tree in Biafra land thinking that they are still in Mr. Yesterday where Giant Trees were cut down without questions, failed to realize that in Mr. Today the hen is bound to attack anyone who comes to take a chicken from its roost with at least it claws and even an old woman now runs when a goat carries her snuff-box to any length. In Mr. Yesterday the inhabitants at the edge of injustice and slavery carry their houses along with them like the tortoise wherever they go for fear of what the vultures may bring, but, in Mr. Today, even with pepper in their eyes they bet their life for freedom and justice.

In Mr. Yesterday, at the edge of disappointment and slavery, tongues wag in the territory, but, secretly, for fear of falling into the arms of the vultures; while in Mr. Today, a cockerel has matured and has begun to crow to tell the world the time of the day. Yes, the inhabitants in Mr. Today now thirst for blood to the extent that even at the edge of ‘operation bully’, ‘python jump’ and ‘crocodile cry’ they are courageous and stronger than ever as they have vowed not to let their jaw go to rest when there are palm kernels yet uneaten and, it’s no surprise that once a cock begins to crow, it never again becomes dumb especially when there is every cause to crow. There is no doubt that there could be play down on their strength but it is the strength of their number that the ants in the field are able to carry their prey to the nest. The legs that pulled the Giant Tree in Biafra land ought not to use that which is meant for the ear on the eyes; hence, the innocent nose that knows nothing would be affected. The continuous disappearance of the Giant Tree is dangerous to the well-being of the land and the leg should not be rejoicing on the head of the scorpion because on its tail, there is poison. However, dead though the oil-palm may be, the maggot in it lives on.

The grey hairs in the land that have foreseen the looming doom if not disaster with popping, crunching and buzzing noises which others cannot see, nor hear even if they climb the sky, have all cried out, but, their outcry were swept into the casket; a casket that could be broken with a double edge sword nay axe of justice at any given time by the furious inhabitants who have pulled the strand of their hair and chew that over their dead body would their Giant Tree be forgotten like the ordinary trees of the forest. Of course, it is the boast of every juju priest that unless he dies, no thief can ever come to steal his juju away and, even if the thief invades his territory, they tussle at the grass cutter’s crack; indeed a tussle that would pull down innocent trees in the forest if averted not. The cock has started to crow and, it can only again become dumb if a dog grows horns or the cock itself lays eggs. Anyone who urinates in the stream should be warned because any of his relatives may drink from the water. Thus, a stitch in time saves nine.

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Abakaliki province IPOB media.
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