By Ajuzieogu Chukwuebuka Bernard (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The Governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha, his wife, his brother and his sister, plus Uche Nwosu his brother- in-law own more than one thousand properties within and outside Imo state since 2011. Woodi Wellness Centre, the property owned by Nkechi okorocha, now stands on the land that was once the Imo state Civil service secretariat but forcefully taken from the state through Uche Nwosu as Commissioner for lands. The other parts of the land have been shared among the relatives of Rochas for private use.

The Multi-billion Naira Westbrook Hotel at New Owerri, is owned by Uche Nwosu who as at 2011 was still a 10.000 naira job applicant. He acquired the Land as Commissioner for lands by revoking its ownership from the previous owners. FARMERS MARKET owned by Geraldine Okorocha's elder sister, was acquired through Uche Nwosu as Commissioner for Lands. A filling station beside farmers market is owned by Gerald Okorochas brother and acquired through Uche Nwosu. Over 25plots of lands acquired by Uche Nwosu for his private school is still under construction, these plots of land are worth hundreds of millions of naira.

Nkechi Okorocha owns vast acres of land for her event center opposite the Land Uche Nwosu is using for his school and this too was acquired through Uche Nwosu. Mansion under construction opposite ISOPADEC building owned by Gerald Okorocha was acquired through Uche Nwosu. EL-FREEDA Foundation is built in over 25plots of Imo land which Uche Nwosu grabbed for his wife’s private use. ESTERVIA MEGA SUPER MARKET opposite civic center is owned by Ogechi Ololo, Rochas Okorocha''s younger sister and presently she's the commissioner for happiness.

MUNICIPAL PLAZA MCC is owned by Nkechi Okorocha and is built on Land acquired by a civil servant who was the first to be dispossessed of his land and was acquired by Uche Nwosu. The land has seven duplexes and ten Bungalows all well Furnished as service apartment. This property is valued at over Six Billion naira. TWITER BITES is acquired by Geraldine, who also acquired Former Mr. and its building located along Mbari road.

SPIBAT ESTATE: a small part of this Estate was acquired by Rochas from the initial owners before 2011, upon becoming Governor he acquire the rest of the land forcefully from Mbieri people. The estate is more than hundred plots of land with double drivery and has about 67 buildings. A land belonging to IBC at orji was stolen by Rochas recently in collaboration with Eze Innocent who shared the very land today, it's now a new site for Rochas Okorocha's private school. Uche owns a very large poultry Farm beside Shop rite owerri. How did a 10.000 naira job applicant become so rich over night? It is worth remembering that Rochas Celebrated owing more than one thousand Cofo's few years ago.

What is Rochas doing with all these properties he is amassing at the detriment of the people?
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