For your information, IPOB which is the Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is still active, up and running, healthy, strong and full of life as some people in their own ignorance may think that IPOB has quenched like fire since its proscription as terrorist organization which they are not. For me, a terror group is a group known for their violent and their involvement in all kinds of crime and atrocities. But IPOB does not portray any of these which is an indication that they are not a terrorist group but a non-violence and peaceful group.

Irrespective of the Nigeria military in collaboration with the eastern governors to tag IPOB a terrorist organization, still IPOB has not relented in its activities and its pursuit for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.  IPOB is more active, up and running, and doing great now than ever, their determination and resilience to restore Biafra is so strong that it can never be washed away.  Biafra restoration project is a task that must be accomplished and IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has taken it upon them to make sure that they restore Biafra no matter what it takes and how long it may also take.

Nobody in his right sense will have audacity to tag Indigenous People of Biafra a terror group. IPOB is not and can never be a terrorist organization. IPOB means Indigenous People of Biafra and there is no way the whole indigenous people for that matter will be a terrorist organization, never! The plan of Nigeria government and our sell-out eastern governors was to silence IPOB by their so-called proscription agenda but little did they know that IPOB is unstoppable. The more you try to stop them the more they reinforced, and the more active they became. Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a family that is strongly built and that it can never be divided, disintegrated or scattered.  It is a family that is bigger and greater than every other family on earth. 

When we said “IPOB!!!” and we responded with "ONE FAMILY”, people seem not understand what we really mean.   IPOB is a family with different, one spirit, one ideology and one common goal and ambition. IPOB as a legal family has its branches all over the world and no country has ever identified them as a terrorist organization.  They hold their rallies and protests in different parts of the world and no country has ever stop them from protesting. IPOB also holds their different IPOB family meetings in different parts of the world and they have never been interrupted or banned from having their meetings there because those countries are more civilized than the zoo called Nigeria.

Nigeria is an uncivilized country and they are not only known for corruption, but they see everything as war in whatever they doing.  It is only in the zoo called Nigeria that call for freedom is seen as call for war. Self-determination which is enshrined in the United Nations chatter is also seen as a call for war in Nigeria whereas they themselves are also signatory to that.  Because of the hatred Hausa-Fulani has on Biafran people, they never meant well for Biafrans and still want them the Biafrans to remain and to continue in Nigeria.   Hausa-Fulani sees themselves as people that are born to rule while Biafrans are seen as people that are born to serve those that is supposed to be their servants or slaves, what a nonsense born to rule mentality!

Thank God for the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has come to reveal all things to us and also to let us know the reason why we must fight hard to leave Nigeria because it was not made for us. And for this reason, IPOB was formed so that people of Biafra will use this platform to fight and get what is rightfully belonged to them.  The emergence of this global family "IPOB” has put Nigeria in a total dismay and state of discomfort. When Uwazurike who formed MASSOB came out to fight for this same course, people banked all their trust in him in the sense that they have seen the Messiah who will lead the people of Biafra into the promise land.  But as time goes on and many things begin to unveil and the purpose by which the group was formed is being diverted, people now begin to see the evil in Uwazurike and that never in the least will Biafra be restored through him.

Uwazurike is not only a fraudster but also a money monger.  He entered into the Biafra struggle not because he wants to restore Biafra or that he has the people of Biafra at heart, rather he entered into Biafra struggle in other to dupe people and also to feed his pockets.  He has an alliance over Biafra restoration with the Nigeria government and that's why he always run to Abuja to collect money from the Nigeria government because he has sold the people of Biafra there and put the money in his pocket. He did not stop from there, he uses Nigeria plate number on his motor while he called himself a freedom fighter.  Please is this kind of man a freedom fighter?  No wonder Nnamdi Kanu said that a poor man can never be a freedom fighter.

Since IPOB was formed and is being headed by a trustworthy leader who is incorruptible, uncompromised and transparent, people of Biafra now begin to bounce back in their belief that Biafra will still be restored.  And this made some members of MASSOB to decamp from that group to join IPOB because they have seen the different ideology between Nnamdi Kanu and Uwazurike.  And again, they have seen the truth in Nnamdi Kanu and that’s why they have choose to follow him.

IPOB is formed on a truthful ground and its prime motive is nothing but to restore Biafra simple! IPOB will restore Biafra no matter how hard the Nigeria government led by Muhammad Buhari may try to stop Biafra struggle. By tagging IPOB a terrorist organization, Nigeria military in conjunction with the evil eastern governors and politicians thought that they will silence IPOB but they didn't know that IPOB is a light that can never be hidden (AKA EKPUCHI ONWA). IPOB is unstoppable, IPOB is alive and very much alive and healthy. I tell you until Biafra is restored IPOB will not rest.

Written by:
Ogochukwu Nnanna
For: Igweocha Media

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