By                Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
Editor:        Ugochinyere
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Date:           12.03.2018

As I sat earlier today surfing through the internet, all I could see were posts upon posts and comments upon comments against  and in favor of Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB. And I began to wonder, what has really gone wrong with our people.

Then I remembered his words sometime ago during one of his live broadcasts on Radio Biafra London, "Africa is the worst race on earth, very backwards and mentally retarded." ~ Nnamdi Kanu.

The funniest thing about it all is that I have come to discover that those who are against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB are still the same people he has been struggling and has sacrificed a lot to save from the bondage of slavery.

Well, am not surprised here because most of them have been paid to do so while some others may have been acting out of ignorance.

The Hausa - Fulani people in conjunction with the British government are using the ALMIGHTY DIVIDE AND RULE METHOD to control  our people (Biafrans) and some gullible ones among us cannot see the handwriting clearly written on the wall.

But then, I have got several questions for you "Efuluefus" out there working against your own people. And they are as follows: What makes Nnamdi Kanu your greatest enemy? Is it out of jealousy..? Can you do it better than him if allowed? But before Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB came and started this quest to restore Biafra, you were there, hiding like cowards that you have always been. Why did you fail  to come out and take up the mantle of leadership at that initial stage when the battle field was so hot and brutal? Why attack Kanu who has taken up the challenge upon himself to fight for his race from being wiped out from the face of the earth by the marauding Hausa - Fulani Islamic Caliphate?

Edmund Burke wrote, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Here is a man who has come to raise a finger over the marginalization of his own people. Here is a man who has come to say to the Nigerian government, "Enough is enough, let my people go!" Here is a man who has sacrificed even his Kingship (As he is the Prince of Afara-Ukwu Ibeku Kingdom) just for your sakes, so that you will be free from an untold hardship that you have been over the years subjected to by the Nigerian political leaders who constantly run down your lives and feed on your progresses.

So, If you folks out there still do not rate Kanu as one of the "Good Men" walking among us, right here on this planet earth,  well, I do!

What wrong, I ask again has Kanu committed?! He is not attacking the downtrodden but the political leaders who have subjected the poor masses in our society into abject pauperism. He has come to say "No" to the sufferings  of his own people and has continued to demand for their absolute freedom and the equal rights of the common man in the society. How on earth is the OHAMADIKE your enemy?

Funny enough, the same people Nnamdi Kanu is struggling to free  are being paid by those who subjugate them (Hausa - Fulani) to work against him (Kanu).

Well, am not also surprised about that because that is what poverty can do to you. A hungry man is always desperate and angry and may resort to attacking even his own savior if perceived otherwise. A hungry man is always on the look out for what he can eat to survive right now (today) and does not bother about tomorrow. When one is hungry and poor, he is not a complete being. That, I have come to observe.

I am not amazed why the OHANAEZE NDI IGBO, SOUTH-EAST AND SOUTH-SOUTH GOVERNORS, and other IGBO POLITICAL JOBBERS have chosen to betray us and proscribed IPOB that has not and will never hurt anyone a terrorist group yet, feign ignorance of the activities of the Fulani herdsmen who are out there killing our people right in side our own land.

I am not at all flabbergasted why they had launched "Operation Python Dance II (Men of the Underworld)" and had, had those ruthless killers  from the pit of hell sent down to the family house  of the supreme leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu just to terminate him so as to stop him from fighting for the freedom of his own people.

Our enemies, having realized that an average Igbo man has only one major weakness - money and that most of our people are hungry, have resorted to use it against us. They have gone to identify and bribe some covetous ones among us and they are now using them as a tool to achieve their evil objectives.

Our enemies must have seen it clearly that the only way to penetrate and disintegrate us is by using some of our own people against us. And trust me, that evil plan is really working for them. The so-called efuluefus who do not know when the breadfruit firewood is shared among their people are now fully out to fulfill the malicious work of their paymasters, the  devilish Hausa - Fulani terrorists.

They have come to make a mess of things. Their mission is to destabilize what Nnamdi Kanu - IPOB is doing by fanning the embers of discord among their own people.

These wayward sons of the land, a.k.a The EFULUEFUS, instead of joining hands with the supreme leader of IPOB to fight for a common cause, which is the absolute freedom of their own people have resorted to bring nothing but doom to their motherland, that same land where their umbilical cords were buried.

Tufiakwa! This is an an abomination to the highest order! And the melancholy aspect of it is that these morons are even proud of the fact that they are betraying their own people and still go about it, bragging on social media. What a shame! What a waste of human eggs! Our forefathers who had fought very hard to protect their land for their unborn during their own time must be very disappointed of this generation. Are we caused? Who did this to us?

However, no matter how hard our enemies may try to stop the emergence of Biafra, it will still prevail because its restoration has been approved by Chiukwu-Abiama (God Almighty) and there's nothing anybody can do about it! Like I mentioned earlier, "When God says yes, nobody can say No." God has chosen Kanu and gave him the mantle  to restore Biafra, nobody can stop him!

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
For Umuchiukwu Writers

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