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Someone once wrote, "We are nothing but pencil in the hands of the creator." And I quite agree! When God wants to use you as a tool to deliver His Message to His people, You will have No Control Over Yourself and the choice is not yours.

Why do I seem to think so? Yesterday being 29th of February 2018, I was traveling to Obosi town to meet up with an appointment. It was on a hot afternoon. I had entered a bus en route to Nkpor, as I had planned to alight at Nkpor junction where I would enter another bus that would take me down to Obosi Village. While sitting comfortably in the bus, (I was at the front seat) humming to a melodious song emanating from the  radio (car cassette), I was thrown into a total abandonment. It was a song by R.Kelly titled "THE STORM IS OVER."

Truly, I had totally become unaware of my environment and lost the entire grip over myself due to the sound of lullaby that was caressing my whole being, just like the same way the gentle morning breeze does to the body. It was as if something had taken hold of me. Like a man in a trance I had brought my phone out of my pocket and started writing/typing...(on the topic: "Wait, be patient, IPOB has a plan.")

Then, it was as if something nudged me from behind and I was catapulted back to reality. It was then that I had realized that we had already reached "Ogidi" (Another community that has a common boundary with Nkpor)" and were heading towards a neighbouring town...

To cap it all, in my life  I have learnt that this Biafra struggle is nothing but  a divine project sanctioned by Chiukwu-Abiama and when He wants to use you to bring his heavenly message into the world, you will have no control over it. Meaning that whether you like it or not, surely you must dance to the tune of nature.

This is an experience and may it serve as a lesson to those of you out there who still do not believe in the struggle for Biafra Independence. Know it today that the quest for Biafra restoration is sanctioned by Chiukwu-Abiama and no other. He has given the mantle of leadership to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and His deputy, Mazi Uche Mefor. Through them, we shall have this God's Kingdom restored back on this very earth. In these men we have found men who are brave enough to enter our storm, and respect the sanity of uprightness enough to love the size of the waves of this struggle . Oh yes we have found men  who will relish the calm we can have, and who is eager to set sail on the expanse of our mind. We have found men that can’t escape the love they have for their beloved nation Biafra because now they have it in their very blood, always reminding them that Biafra is the only sea worth exploring. let  us all believe in it and work together to achieve it. Remember, our freedom is our Indigenous right.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
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