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It was at the event organised by the Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA) headed by Barrister Eliot Ugochukwu Uko which attracted dignitaries turned against the hosts as they exposed and walked in their own mess contrary to what everyone expected of them.

Salutation at the event witnessed a misrepresentation when one of the elders by name; Dr. Amechi Mbazulike greeted the congregation "Hello my children, I greet you all" was misinterpreted to be '' hell Nigerians I greet you all'' this made the whole place roar in dissatisfaction, discontented, scorny. Biafrans in their numbers showcasing this as their voices thundered all hail Biafra, Shouts of Biafra echoed all over. 

Again and in the same vein, an elder  whose name is yet to be made known made a suggestion to honour Nnamdi Azikiwe
And this suggestion greeted an even more exacerbation from Biafrans on ground singing and chanting '' Holy, Holy, Holy Nnamdi Kanu is another saviour''  and Biafra flag flying very high ,  Some of the conveners became upset and decided to vacate the premise, one of them Dr. Amechi Mbazuluike whom in an interview said that Restructuring is the only thing that will save Nigeria and that if they said we should live together we live if not we breakup (Asi ka anyi biri anya ebiri) and the whole Biafra there started shouting "Nnamdi Kanu,  Biafra is what we need nothing more, nothing less".

Immediately,  the whole of waec, Esbs, Michael Okpara Square, Enugu state House of Assemble, Library and other parts of the environ became crowded and an the eruption of protest and sensitisation telling our people to support Biafra and give room for her emergence. 

This has however proven that the only language Biafrans understand now is that a call for referendum be initiated as soon as possible in order to avert doom which Nigeria will soon be plunged into in her bid to continually turn deaf ears to the plight of Biafrans right to self determination. 

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