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Nigeria as the giant of Africa is being recognised due to the many ethnicities forced by the British government into a single state. The ethnic groups which are about 300 and still counting have differences in language, culture, religion, e.t.c. Although some of the ethnic groups are so much related to others in terms of culture and religion, some have no connection whatsoever with the others. 

Such relationship in culture and religion can be traced through ancestral heritage or belief or as a result of blood relationship from their forefathers. A good example of this blood connected relationship amongst different ethnic groups are found within the old eastern religion where we have the people of Ijaw, Efik/Ibi-bio, Igala, Idoma, Ishekiri, Isoko, Izon, Irobo/Urhobo, Igbanke, and Igbo. They have the same cultural practices like observing four market days, their married women tie two-piece wrappers, related languages, almost the same kind of food, e.t.c.

These people as mentioned above gives a clear definition of a nation; since a nation means people with common value. Therefore, this indicates absolutely that Nigeria can never be identified as a nation because there is no sense of nationhood or common value system amongst all the ethnic groups. 

The amalgamation of these separate nations(Arewa, Odudua, and Biafra) which have nothing in common is noted by every wise thinking human as the worst crime against humanity; since it has brought nothing good than confusion, rape on democracy, murder, oppression against the peaceful people of Biafra, and above all, evil; as bloodshed has always become the order of the day in the British wicked contraption called Nigeria.

According to Frederick Lugard, he made us understand that Nigeria is a conducted experiment. This serious wickedness which was perpetrated by the British government that the world has allowed continuing is an act questionable and punishable if challenged by those who see themselves as the wise people in the world today. 

However, we must sincerely and unequivocally subscribe wholesomely and totally to the referendum agenda of the people of Biafra which, I knowledgeably believe, without doubt, is the only solution to elude the already brewing world war lll, and also a way to effect justice for both the living and the dead, so that mankind may be set free from eternal damnation of the children of darkness, Jihadists, ETC. who is oppressing us.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
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