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The struggle for Biafra has created much prudential Circumspection. Wisdom is a way of caution and provision; hence requires resiliency and accuracy. The referendum has become the only way in the column and it has become practically important to reaffirm the agreeable momentum gathered within the Biafra people. 

Democracy is no longer a baby in this world, democracy have stabilized in many and major country's in the world, although it's yet to stabilize in Nigeria and that is why they can come up with a bill like "hate speech offenders to die by hanging " but they lie and pretend that they are Democratic.

Biafrans are the only set of people that have suffered mass murder, pogrom and Holocaust and yet the international bodies and world at large are yet to commemorate, remember and recognise the Biafra genocide, furthermore none of the perpetrators of this heinous crime have been brought to book or made to face the full wrath of the law. And I ask this rhetorical question what is the crime of the victims of this very Biafra pogrom and genocide? They resisted and defended their motherland from the invaders {Nigeria, Britain, Egypt, and  USSR}. 

 the new generation of  Biafra don't want what happened in 1967--1970 to happen again that is why we have called for a referendum, what is a referendum? The referendum is a direct popular vote on a proposed law or constitutional amendment that is to say that call for a referendum is not to call for war but call for the change of this unfavorable life of perdition on Biafrans. 

Therefore, the referendum will enable Biafrans to decide whether or not they are going to continue with this British experiment {Nigeria} and so will bring about the peaceful exit of Biafrans from  Nigeria. 

The referendum will also bring to an end the clam by Nigeria government that those agitating for Biafra are Igbo youth's resident in the diaspora which is elusive, erroneously used by  Nigeria's to confuse the layman. 

In democracy power belong to the people, what the people ask for is what is provided in law which is the right of the Indigenous People to decide their fate through referendum, and so Biafrans have asked for peaceful exit of the British experiment and a mare geographic expression {Nigeria} by calling for a referendum; wistfully, we desired and deserves to be heard, unless the government wants it in another way, however, it may be Biafrans are ready formidable and remains resolute in the struggle. 

Publisher:  Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
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