April 5, 1968
Monsignor Rochcau Reports on Midwest Genocide

Monsignor Rochcau, one of the two papal delegates representing Pope Paul VI in Nigeria, reports in Le Monde, a Paris newspaper, today that “between Benin and Asaba only widows and orphans remain, Federal troops having for unknown reasons massacred all the men.” (Le Monde)

September 7, 1968
Col. Adekunle’s Interview with the “Economist”

“Today’s conflict between Nigeria and Biafra is hardly a contest between equals,” reports the Economist. “Thanks to the British, the Russians and the Egyptians, the invaders have been given all the latest military toys to play with: MIG’s and Ilyushins, Ferret and Saladin armored cars, mortars, rockets and heavy artillery. Given all this military might, the wonder is that the Nigerians didn’t win months ago.”

Now, Col. Benjamin Adekunle boasts that he is the “MacArthur” of the Nigerian Army. He tells visiting journalists that Red Cross relief is “humanitarian hogwash.” In an interview in the Economist, Adekunle proclaimed further, “I want to see no Red Cross, no Caritas, no World Council of Churches, no Pope, no missionary and no U.N. delegation. I want to prevent even one Ibo having even one thing to eat before their capitulation.” Adekunle told the interviewer, “We shoot at everything that moves,” and when asked what he would do in Ibo territory, he replied, “Then we shoot at everything, even things that don’t move.” (New York Times)

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