Today the 6th of February, 2018, River state media Team had a successful meeting with the state Cordinator and his deputy and some senatorial and local government Cordinators .  A lot of things that has been bordering the media in River state  was deliberated including other issues that has been weighing the River state media down. During the meeting, the state Cordinator mazi David Njoku addressed the media team and told them the need it is for all the media to come together as one body so as to form a formidable media in River state.  He said that the media should work together, he said that on no account should anyone work on his or her own as far as River state  media is concerned. He urged the media team to resolve any problem they had and carry every body along so that River state media will stand strong again especially in this period which our referendum is at hand. 

After the media team explained to them some things that they are lacking which also is among the reasons that make them not to be all that active as expected of them  which includes phones, cameras,  spy cameras and other important gadgets that can help them to work effectively, the state executives in conjunction with the senatorial and local government executives promised that they will do everything humanly possible to see that they provide to us everything we need to make River State  media exceptional.  Again they said for them to answer us anytime we call them, we must make sure that we begin to do those  things which we suppose to do as Media and when they see our good work, they will come to our aid anytime we are in need of something.

After everything the media team in return promised that they are going to deliver efficiently and also make sure that they put River state media in order. We also promised them that we are going to work jointly to make sure that our name are being heard just like other state media's. At the end of the meeting, the Media team also hold a brief meeting within them  and finalized that they are going to make peace with as many as are having any kind of grudges and grievances among them. And to this effect, we rescheduled our next meeting next week Sunday being the 18th of February, 2018.

Infact the meeting was a successful one and I believed that by next meeting, we will have a larger house and from there, we will select our executives which will include those from the Riverine areas. And  by the next meeting also, we are going to share our work so that each person will know his or her areas of performances. Iam also promising that whatever is expected from the River State media, as we have come together as one now, we will deliver with the best of our knowledge.

OGOCHUKWU NNANNA Reporting from Igweocha
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