By Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Nigeria, which claims to be a democratic entity must be civilized enough to allow the people exercise their fundamental human rights which include freedom of speech and or expression, freedom of association and decision making which are among the dividends of democracy. Democracy allows the impeachment of a bad government by the electorates and their elected representatives, since they're the ones that gave their mandate to the government in question. They can as well take their mandate back.

When a government is not carrying out its functions as expected by the electorates, the government will be forced to relinquish the seat of power to enable people who have the welfare of the citizens at heart to take over, and as well make moves to better their lives. The leaders were voted into power to better the lives of the electorates, not make it worse as is the case with the present government in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, democracy is undergoing a serious surgical operation in the hands of the Nigerian government and bourgeois. Citizens have been deprived of all the dividends of democracy. Democracy has been dealt a big blow; the government and even attorneys at law have battered the rule of law. Separation of power, which is an essential ingredient of democracy, has died a natural death as the executive arm has subdued other arms of government.

The legislature is just a sitting duck as they look on helplessly while the country rapidly degenerates into a failed state. The judiciary is non-existent; the judges have been so frightened that they dare not give a judgment against the government. The few judges who dared do that were all rounded up as the attack dogs of the executive stormed their houses commando style at the dead of night and whisked them away like common criminals.

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