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A simple adage states that "one good turn deserves another". 

The recent move taken by the world most popular media blossom known as BBC (British Broadcasting Commission) is very much dreadful; at such should be reconsidered and analyzed in different platforms. The launching of BBC Igbo is distrustful and a tool to create more momentum of division between Igbo Biafrans and other clans in Biafraland. 

This very media house has been the house engine of propagandists against Biafrans but in an act of optimization, were frontiers in damaging the good name of Biafra before the world. 

No doubt, with every attribute, igbonization of Biafra is one big aim of this very squad; resistance has become an option here. 

Too late for BBC. Why now? Why would any IGBO speaking Biafran or Biafrans welcome BBC after they wickedly served as a propaganda and lies megaphone against Biafrans when the British government and Nigerian soldiers were massacring and starving us to death during and after the war? 

Any Biafran who in adherence welcomes the deceptive idea of BBC Igbo is very much sick in the head and needs an urgent brain checkup. 

We have our Radio Biafra London (RBL), numerous other Biafran TV and media outlets. We have everything it takes to educate our people genuinely and truthfully. 

Presently, when several reports were sent to BBC for broadcast on the subjugation and killing of Innocent agitators in Biafra land, BBC swept all the reports under their carpets, pretended nothing happened 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has set the pace which all eminent Biafran must adhere to and follow. We don't need any other platforms to tell our stories because when we needed them, they snubbed us and deliberately paid deaf ears to the tears of those innocent children, men, and women who were wailing at their outermost voice. 

They might distort facts against us and lie as usual. And at this point, any media platforms that do not support and broadcast Biafra restoration is against Biafrans and Biafra restoration.

BBC Igbo is not welcomed in Biafraland, especially at this crucial time of our referendum. Total boycott and resistance is the best option left for us. Radio Biafra is more than enough for the people of Biafra. All hail Biafra 

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
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