By Aguocha Chinwendum

And Eze Chukwu Okike Abiama sent us a saviour, a prophet to his chosen people, and he commanded BIAFRANS not to participate in the 2015 general election. He warned former president Goodluck Jonathan a Biafran to resign and resume work immediately at Enugu as the President of Biafra. He told him he was going to be rigged out and disgraced, even quoted exact figures of the number of votes through which he shall be rigged out.

President Jonathan ignored him and was going from one church to the other spending money on fake prophets who kept assuring him success at the polls. I remember one occasion when President Jonathan visited one church during a first Friday program at Ibadan Expressway. He knelt before this Yoruba pentecostal pastor for blessings while the same pastor gave out one of his senior pastors to Jonathan's opposition to be his running mate "WHAT A HYPOCRISY"

#Biafrans stayed away from the fraudulent election though few efulefus voted and participated after which  #TyrantBuhari was rigged to power.

The prophet warned about the impending danger of the Fulani Terrorist emerging as president. He stated clearly his mission but rather than hear him and accept his gospel he was betrayed by those he came to save. A few months after the emergence of BUHARI as president, he was apprehended by hunters sent by the tyrant from Daura.

Locked up in prison for no crime against the state other than asking for the freedom of his people, BIAFRANS were seen as weak people and myopic political thinkers. Even some political analysts said we had all our eggs in one basket, without knowing we had them protected from the marauding serpents from Futa Jallon. Yes, we have only one BASKET and the name is BIAFRA!

We complained not because what we saw was too far ahead in the future, the few gullible ones and the Efulefus like Rochas Okorocha, Chibuike America, the likes of Ngige, Nnia Nwodo were taking the short-lived praises from their slave masters.
Nevertheless, the activities of today in the Zoo and Shit-hole called Nigeria have justified our stance and identified the real prophet.

A few months ago a plastic President was shipped from Sudan to London and from London to Nigeria, again the same saviour sent to us by The Most High God Eze Chukwu Okike Abiama, was the only prophet in the land who could identify the impostor. He did not only identify him as fake BUHARI he also called him by his real name AMINU JIBRIL FROM Sudan. Immediately he stated this and the video went viral on social media platforms, the Fulani soldier-ants and hunters came after him and his family.
 Ever since then we have not seen nor heard from our prophet but we believe he's alive wherever they took him to because once again his prophecies have proven to be real. Everybody is coming to the belief that we have AMINU JIBRIL FROM SUDAN as president of the zoo shithole Nigeria.

How do you identify a prophet of the Most High Ezechukwuokike Abiama? He says a thing in the name of the Lord and it comes to pass. Those of you still doubting should remember his February 16, 2014, prophecy on BUHARI coming to perfect Northern agenda and positioning his people to Islamise BIAFRANS. Today it's coming very rapidly, wait for it till it gets to you.
His name is Prince Nnamdi Kanu, a prophet and saviour sent to BIAFRANS by God Himself  Ezechukwuokike Abiama. I am one among his millions of disciples, a hardcore Biafran.

I think it is time for Nigeria and Africa in a whole to recognise Nnamdi Kanu the supreme leader of indigenous people of Biafra as a prophet and Saviour sent by the Most High Ezechukwuokike Abiama to deliver his people and open Africa to prosperity and revolutions in science and technology and others.


Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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