An intellectual is a person who engages him/herself in critical thinking, research, and reflection about society and proposes solutions for its normative problems. Some gain authority as public intellectuals. Coming from the world of culture, either as a creator or as a mediator, the intellectual participates in politics either to defend a concrete proposition or to denounce an injustice, usually by rejecting, producing or extending an ideology, and by defending a system of values. 

I had thought of nothing else, as an intellect dreamer than to be among those highly respected in my community, because I was going to be a justice defender through my involvement in the community affairs and researchers that I was going to conduct in order to elevate my poor country people. My greatest excitement is to be addressed someday as an educated person. This dream will not die even though it seems not come but would linger on till my earthly end. 

But before that, as I begin to step into my youthful age, my earlier instincts about being intellectually known became an illusion. It's attractive textures formally seen inside me started diminishing. The undisputed truth is that I lost interest seeing no good fruits forth beard by my foregangers. But I thank God for IPOB who gave me a greater hope that I will achieve that intellectual dream someday. 

No wonder the elders say in a proverb that "all that glitters are not gold". I ones looked from afar but felt disheartened by my close range. 

Socially, intellectuals constitute the
intelligentsia, a status class organised either by ideology (conservative, fascist, socialist, liberal, reactionary, revolutionary, Democratic, communist intellectuals, et al. ) or by nationality. 

It is obvious that those whose careers are built on the creation and dissemination of ideas; (the intellectuals) have played a role in many societies out of all proportion to their numbers. Whether that role has, on balance, made those around them better off or worse off is one of the key questions of our times.

The quick answer is that intellectuals have done both. But certainly, in this 21st century, it is hard to escape the conclusion that intellectuals have on balance made the world a worse and more dangerous place. Scarcely will you see a mass-murdering dictator of the 21st century without his supporters, admirers, or apologists among the leading intellectuals, not only within his own country but in foreign democracies, where intellectuals were free to say whatever they wanted?

My hatred for the present Intellects in Nigeria and in Africa knows no bound. Their intellectuality defines the greatest stupidity, in juxtapose with foolishness. Their careers have been molested because a hungry mind has no pride. 

In the governmental couch of Nigeria today, the Intellects have definitely gone blind, deaf a and dumb. More or less, they have failed in their fields. The lives of many entrusted into their hands have been defiled while they watch standing akimbo. 

In the Nigerian records, there are so many Intellects past and present. Very few could be remembered with their good legacies; Chinua Achebe will never be forgotten. Hence, there are still many living in the soils of Nigeria. Their silence towards crippling Nigeria is unbearable. 

What is the problem? When the intellectuals go dumb, what shall be the fates of the common people? 

The structural embodiment of Nigeria is obviously at the peak of destruction. Where are those Intellects? It's time you all rise to your responsibilities by educating the uneducated. 

Consider a situation where the structural building of Nigeria is analyzed, giving room too much knowledge to the people, then all departments and categories of Nigeria will understand that self-determination is never a call for war. 

The military showdown will vamus, and made to understand what self-determination stands for. 

Court case jeopardized rulings will stop if the intellectuals can rise up and condemn the unjustified rulings ongoing in different courts across Nigeria. 

After much analysis, I was able to believe that the recent state of Africa and Nigeria is in such bad condition because the intellectuals have gone blind, deaf and dumb. 

Terrorism attacks going on in almost all parts of Nigeria without much efforts to lessen has significantly proven that the Nigerian government is in their high sponsorship. Why are the intellectuals not talking? 

The only intellectual who has taken it upon himself to speak up is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. His fellow Intellects disappointed him by not standing up with him. Now, he's gone, no one to speak further. Where are those Intellects? Breed my spirit ones again, so my thirst to become a future intellect will come back. It's time to condemn evil because the evil we fail to condemn today will hunt us tomorrow. 

 By Ugochinyere Onyechere

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

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