Our director NNAMDI KANU said and I quote "What makes you a human being is your ability to reason"...Have you asked yourself "WHY and HOW" about everything you know? Listen! The system of this world and government programmed everyone (mostly BLACK PEOPLE) to just go with the flow and never asked questions. Yes...even in connection to BIAFRA agitation, this is WHY some people rather refused to join, fight or uphold it 

People of the BLACK RACE never asked WHY and HOW everything they think they know goes contrary and against them, church inclusive. Yes, because whenever you asked WHY automatically your brain neurons begin work. However, I've listed this few points which every Biafran should ponder on as we proceed:
                     THE WHY
1. Why are we the most scattered race on planet earth? 
2. Why do we not attain certain heights of success in the world? 
3. Why must we be "only" race carried on SHIPS and sold into slavery?
4. Why are we "hated" of all nations of the world (RACISM) including the ZOO? 
5. Why are we the only race suffering the curses of DEUTERONOMY 28?
6. why do we need our freedom from our oppressors.
7. Why are saviours like NNAMDI KANU sent at the interval of 40 to 50 years in every generation?
8. Why Britain and Nigeria committed genocide in Biafra land and the media refused to publish it?
9. Why is BIAFRA LAND the only unconquered place in Islam? 
10. Why is it always oil, oil, and oil in OUR land?

Meanwhile, there are many but let me stop here for now.

See, you are seen as a rebel or terrorist whenever you start asking WHY or HOW even in the religious sector. They used the media to hide and program the masses into believing ALL IS WELL when it's not. Which was why I advise Biafrans to venture into all sorts of MEDIA, DOCUMENTARIES, FILMMAKING, SOCIAL NETWORKS, DRAMAS, RADIO STATIONS and PUBLICATIONS to enable us to correct the evil impressions the world tagged on us.

We'd discuss these topics in full detail as you follow our articles in our next publications UMUCHIUKWU WRITERS even as we think about the WHYs and HOWs in our next newsletter.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

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