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DATE: 23 February, 2018

It's alarming the way Hausa Fulani are trooping in into Southeast and South-South while the government watches with mouth agape. Innocent citizens are killed on a daily basis while the governors, House of Representatives members, Assembly to the Presidency keep watching without helping the people. 

This act of the herdsmen has created fears and discomfortabilities among the people across the country. Communities are being invaded with impunity and people slaughtered like animals without remorse. 

What baffles me is the rate at which communities are taken unawares by this deadly group. What has the government said so far? Absolutely nothing. 

I was discussing with my mother on another different issue, she asked me to hold, I expected her to ask that in which is in conjunction with my discussion with her but rather asked

"Why the sudden in troops of Hausa Fulani headsmen"

"The rate they are moving in numbers, coming in and out is terrific and must be stopped. 

I paused, I quickly deviated her mindset to something else.

I made some calls regarding what my mother claimed, but it's fact.

Hausa Fulani headsmen (Bokoharam) has camped in most of our suburbs, waiting for orders to terrorize our people we left back there at home.

It's giving me great concern because we have no weapons at our disposal. We shall be taken unawares and before we could Carter for a defensive measure, the event of 1967-1970 will be a repeatability. 

The attacks have been on, and the Nigerian government has played deaf ears. This deadly attack has taken the lives of millions while the government looked on. 

Our lives are at great risk, and we must rise up to take the bull by the horn. Fulani herdsmen brutalities must stop because we all are entitled to live. 

The Youths must organize themselves and get ready for self-defense. We must protect our mothers, long-aged father's, children and wives from these notorious infidels. 

Attack first, which is the best form of defense. If we allow them to attack us first, it will be bloody, we must kill and scatter them to leave our community because they are not there for peace they are there for terrorist attacks, they are with bombs and other weapons. 

The state Governors should option out and enforce state policing and work with the Youths. This will create more momentum of support from them, and if they careless, we shall hunt their families and give them to Fulani herdsmen. 

Old Eastern leaders must stand up and do all needful to protect her people because this heavy rain will rain on everyone. 

What I'm seeing will be too late to manage if not managed now. 

We must rise up in defense of their lives. 

All hail Biafra. 

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