After I listened to the vague argument of Barr. Kenneth Okonkwo and Barr. Felix in AIT on the program the summit with Shola Ajay, that there is nothing like Biafra in Igbo language again that Biafra died with Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, I took some moment to find out if what they argued on is a fact that holds water or not, I was astonished with what I discovered from my fact finding tour. Indeed, I came to discover that we are all Biafrans.

In other to clear my little doubt, I took some time to visit the newspaper stand where third class citizens who are the real Biafrans can be located; what I discovered was one of the kind that some people may find difficult to believe as the main fact. I discovered that all the persons who were in those places are all Biafrans despite their arguments and different ways of understandings. I was encouraged to be told that those who oppose Biafra restoration struggle are not truly of Biafrans, they maybe those after their stomach or perhaps looking for little political appointment.

From my fact finding mission, I came to understand that there are many people who want Biafra to be restored as soon as possible than the hard-core identified members of IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, these set of people are very good in information gathering and dissemination, both from Radio Biafra, Biafra Television and other foreign and local media such as NTA, AIT, VOA, they are good friends of the social media as well and they specialize in breaking the current news and information about Biafra and Nigeria across Africa and the world entirely.

What caught my imagination was the fact that these people did not identify with any unity or zone of IPOB family in the struggle for Biafra restoration as to channel their contribution in a rightful manner not to talk of being hard-core members of but they control a lot of audience and listeners in the newspaper stand and vendor’s shops.

From this tour I equally gathered we are all IPOB, but some choose not to formally identity with the group under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to some intangible reasons best known to them while many have already identified formally to make their meaningful contributions to restore Biafra the kingdom of God on earth, we all need Biafra because the predicament of Biafrans in the hands of Nigeria has gone beyond control.

Some people belong to groups that do not have in mind to restore Biafra rather to restore their pocket and bank accounts with the resources from the people men like Uwazurike, Kenneth Okonkwo, and Barr. Felix who will oppose the restoration of Biafra due little non lasting favour from the evil Nigeria government and her politicians. 

There is a big need for all and sundry, men and women of goodwill  to come together and identify with the real group that wants to get  Biafra restored, it is high time we put our eggs in one basket and guard it properly to avoid falling, so that we can easily achieve our goal of Biafra restoration; division cannot give us Biafra but together we will do exploit and there is no better time to do this than now, identify with the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) the right group and channel your contribution to the appropriate direction where it will make more meaningful and impartation to enhance the struggle for Biafra restoration even as we are looking forward for a referendum conduction. 

We must embark on serious evangelism and soul winning campaign among us especially in rural areas and cities around Biafra land and beyond more than ever before because we must carry everybody along; no one will be left behind.

Written By: 
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

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