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Benson Clinton
For Biafra Choice Writers

The coordinated, systematic, dignified, and peaceful method employed by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in their self-determination pursuit, have not only astonished Nigerian government but have also stirred up Global awareness to the course. It has also given rise to the question "Why clamor for a new nation when you can improve on the existing one?"
First, we seek to remind all that IPOB is not a political party, which is campaigning for awareness or seeking political power, or seeking governmental restructuring of the failed state and evil contraption called Nigeria. IPOB is a nation trying to liberate itself from the accursed and wrecked entity called Nigeria.
Secondly, the present geographical location called Nigeria is not a nation – it has never been. It is rather an enclave made dependent and a subjugated location under the control of the Western Nations, especially Britain. It was created in 1914 by some crooked and corrupt elements of British government, to feed their economic greed.
The Nigerian state as would be addressed here for the purpose of this discuss, has witnessed several leaderships since the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorate in 1914. So any one reading through the history will not find it difficult to understand that all its political and governmental activities have not been for the interest of the people but to enrich the pockets of a few, who will in turn send large chunks of the money into British banks. What is left what is saved is then used to bribe British officials to continue to support them with arms and international media blanket of their atrocities.
Even before the October 1, 1960 political jamboree called Independence Day, there were several regional and political tussles for power. In other words, each region sought to control the levers of power at the centre. But of all, the Northern section had always been most virulent and mean in their quest. While the government was supposed to be balanced to favor every region, power was dubiously handed to one region (the North) by the British to effectuate easy access into the state’s resources. The reality on ground was that while Nigerian government claimed to have gained independence, it was still under the control of Britain. No doubt, the 1960 independence was built on an unreal and hallucinating pillar, election of executives manipulated and puppets installed as leaders.
Leadership of the people has been subjected to one religion. Same persons who have been in government before (and at independence) are still same persons we see today campaigning to be re-elected into political offices and they have rotated appointment of leaders amongst themselves.

It is this flip flopping of the fake Nigerian republic, which had made development and modernization impossible, that Biafrans are rejecting. Who can fault them?
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