Christianity is one of the religion in the world that practice God's standard way of living for his children and beloved ones on earth, it was said that the name Christian was emanated from the early followers of the Son of God that came to die on earth for the redemption of mankind, the name which was given to them after the ascension of Christ in Antioch by the people who saw that their way of living and conduct have been configured to that of Christ have being in existence for many decades for now. The name Christian simply means Christ alike.

Christ lived a life that portrays holiness, justice, equity, fairness, love, kindness, sharing, etc, that was the way his disciples and the early apostles lived that made people who were watching them to name them after him. This continued among Christians and the church till the moment things fall apart when politicians began to use Christians especially their leaders and clergies to achieve their selfish and political interest.

Many modern day political office holders have learnt to use Christian leaders to achieve their political goal, especially in the contraption called Nigeria knowing it fully well that these set of people have the direct asses to millions of their members who rely on them for directives on a right choice making even in political selection in the country or state they belong.

Often times especially during the campaign for election, politicians will organize the clergies with the aim to contract them to do the campaigning for them more or less in the Christian gatherings, these people allow themselves to be used negatively by the politicians due to the little money and promises of favour made to them, they use their religious stand and positions to influence the decision and shape the choice of the congregation just to let the corrupt politicians have their way.

These set of clergies who are being brought together by the politicians are being given a particular name that those afar who do not know what they truly represent will see them as those who are interceding on behalf of the church or the people, not knowing that their work and name stands for different things altogether, the major aim why they bring these people together give them a name and assign them portfolio with monthly salaries and  stipend is to buy them and shot their mouths up.

Many of these clergies do not understand the deep intention of the politicians why they do this but because they do not take time to get the opinion of God or perhaps know what he want them to do, they will sluggishly join the band wagon and will be forced to keep mute even when the people are being subjected into suffering and all kinds of inhuman treatment, just as it is happening in Nigeria because they have being bought and it is unfair for one to bit the finger that feed one, they look at the sufferings of the congregation and close their eyes as though nothing happened, they have sold their dignity for money.

These clergies that ought to represent sanity and teach the right moral as well represent it will often times siphon the little thing made available for the congregation and the widows because they are political clergies, they dine and wine with these corrupt politicians thereby selling their rights to stand on the path of justice, equity, transparency etc, both in the side of politicians and the congregations.  There is no doubt that this act of our so called Christian leaders and clergies with the politicians have contributed immensely to the high level of moral decay and corruption in our society especially in Nigeria where this is a common practice.

In Ebonyi precisely the governor of the state who is serving the abominable republic of Nigeria and the Hausa Fulani caliphate has organized the members of the clergies and Christian Association of Nigeria CAN,  in the state and named them 'Divine Mandate Pastors', these people were drawn from all the churches and Christian gatherings in the state with the aim to support his corrupt administration and campaign for his re-election in 2019 general election against the wish of the people, they have their branches in all the thirteen local government area headquarters in the state, with a coordinator who report to the governor on any development around his or her local jurisdiction, on weekly bases they meet to pray for the re-election of governor David  Nwaeze Umahi for a second term in office, a total of #5,000 is being paid to each Divine mandate pastor in Ebonyi state every month with some other relief materials such as Rice.

During Christmas and new year celebration the governor gives forty to fifty bags of small pack rice to each LGA Divine Mandate Pastors coordinators, with some cash of seventy thousand to hundred thousand naira each, most worrisome is that they do not even care to share little of those items with the widows they have in their congregations and around them, but will anticipate them to support church programs and activities with their hard-earned penny. This is another form of joint rubbery by the politicians and the clergies.

What can the poor masses do since the greedy evil Nigeria politicians especially those in Biafra land have lured the clergies and traditional rulers in the land who ought to stand and intercede on their behalf to their band wagon? it is an opportunity and avenue for the people to come together and fight for their rights to be free from this slavery and dirty game, it is time for political revolution and religious cleansing in our land and Africa entirely, no one will be left behind in this transformational agenda, because these people have done us more harm than good in the past decades, it is time to join Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB in the struggle for the total freedom and liberation of Biafra from the evil contraption called Nigeria.

There is no better time to do this than now because the more Nigeria is allowed to exist with Biafra the worse the matter get and the people can no longer afford to continue that way any longer.

God bless IPOB!
God bless Nnamdi Kanu!
God bless lovers of freedom!
God bless America! and 
God bless Biafra!

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

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