Friday 08 December 2017

Nigeria The Pit Of Corruption And Injustice

Nigeria, Giant Of Corruption

Can anything good come out from this contraption called Nigeria? The last time I checked, there was absolutely nothing good Nigeria could be known for; rather she has this disappointing result sheet striving high in corruption, injustice, perjury, intimidation, extra-judicial killing and any evil one can imagine.

A Nigeria state is a replicate of evil, naturally corrupt and malevolent in nature. This began with the faulty foundation which has no good structure neither to stand nor to bear a whole burden of a motherland.

In this contraption called Nigeria, Justice has lost her prime as a result of the nefarious attitudes of people. In this part of the world, injustice has become law and people seem to be happy living in such miserable life; suffering and smiling.

Nigeria is never a country where one could expect success in the final score after a long-term search for justice. The whole world can now see what innocent Biafrans have been passing through in such fraudulent geographical area called Nigeria.

How should we see nor classify a country where people are arrested and kept incommunicado for weeks, months and even years without charging them to court? After much pressures and push to bring the innocent people that were arrested to court, the judge will proceed to ensure that the installation of court cases is absolute therefore remanding them unnecessarily while they route in the hazardous prison.

Biafrans who were arrested for no crimes has spent not less than two years in the dreadful prisons of Nigeria, yet the Nigeria judicial system has kept on manipulating the request for them to be freed constitutionally.

Till date, uncountable members of IPOB are languishing in prisons across Nigeria for exercising their rights for self-determination. This is unacceptable and should be addressed constitutionally.

The recent development in the case of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and four other defendants is in adhesion to the disturbing facts emanating as we underrate Nigeria amongst her member states in Africa.

This case was rescheduled by a competent court precisely by a judge in charge of the ruling; on the scheduled date for the court sitting,  the same judge was nowhere to be found.

Other matters rising as was annexed with the court outcome signified that defendant Benjamin Madubugwu was discharged by the court due to circumstances surrounding his health issues, but was refuted by the DSS. It's obvious to know that jurisdictions are no longer decisive, the Nigerian DSS proves to be superior to the law yet nobody is doing anything about it.

If I should opine, the only remedy to all these nefariousness is to dismember the body bearing Nigeria. This body has caused more harm to humanity and should be put into consideration of disengagement.

Biafrans should be the logical reasoning that Nigeria can never give us justice to the ways we are clamouring for it. The only solution is to apply the next plan of action. Nigeria is a backward entity; freedom and justice is a secondary option for them when there is an illegal way out. IPOB and Biafrans at large must bear in mind the impossibility of gaining justice from Nigeria government.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty". It is crystal clear that justice in Nigeria has faded away just as the day fades away with darkness, thence resistance should be the next option.

Written By Joseph O. Ogudu

Edited By Ugochinyere Onyechere

For umu Chukwu Writer.
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