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Biafra: ECOWAS Community Court Of Justice "ECCJ" The Incompetent Court Of Multiple Adjournments


Biafra: ECOWAS Community Court Of Justice "ECCJ" The Incompetent Court Of Multiple Adjournments

Since the last court sitting and adjournment made by Ecowas court over the case of the Leader of indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and her well-wishers has expressed their feelings of distraught and disappointment on how Ecowas court of justice is handling the case of Nnamdi Kanu ,that they lack the courage and willpower to deliver justice according to laws, having made the case to witness incessant and baseless multiple adjournments.

Ecowas court of justice "Ecj" whose primary responsibility is to  fight for human rights violations that may have occurred in any of its member states, has abandoned their various duties as the last hope of common man and has therefore engaged themselves in multiple adjournments with the Nigeria judicial system, they have masked the white cloth of justice with the innocent blood of Biafrans by denying their leader justice.

It is therefore pertinent to note One thing, the world must understand that the Ecowas court has been bribed by the federal government of Nigeria to deny Nnamdi Kanu his rights and thus paid to frustrate the case by engaging in multiple adjournments ,they are being biased in the case of Nnamdi Kanu, if they are not, why are they afraid to give decisive judgment on the case of Nnamdi Kanu versus the federal government of Nigeria?
If the judges have not being bribed why are they always postponing the ruling date?

I could recall that on March 2nd, 2016 Nnamdi Kanu filed a lawsuit at the "Ecj" against the federal government of Nigeria on the issue of violations of his fundamental human rights, and sought enforcement of same rights as well as compensation from the federal republic of Nigeria.

Ever since the case started on October 2016 Ecowas court seems to embark on adjournment upon adjournments without giving any ruling.

We are asking Ecowas court of justice the following questions must it take you, people, three years to hear and deliver judgment on a simple case that involves violations of a person's fundamental human rights?
What are all these multiple adjournments upon adjournment for?

However, I assert that the behavior of Ecowas court in handling Nnamdi Kanu case is encouraging tyranny and abuse of human rights in African especially Nigeria and currently under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari who is a renowned jihadist , meanwhile, rather than holding the terrorist tyranny of Buhari government to account for their sins, Ecowas is seen romancing and dining with multiple adjournments thereby promoting evil which clearly contradicts what the court stands for as provided by law.

The "Ecj" is a court of law and place of justice not a place of adjournments, therefore required by convention and statute of justice to interpret the law without shying away from whom it may involve. Nobody is or should be above the law.

Ecowas court of justice has failed to live up to the expectations of the yearnings of the intimidated, harassed, oppressed ones because they have made a mockery of the regional judicial system following the numerous adjournment. Therefore, I urge that next court sitting the Ecowas court should summon the courage and the mindset needed to deliver justice promptly in the case instituted by Nnamdi Kanu.

Ecowas court must know that the federal government of Nigeria has abducted a delay tactics of always being absent from court sitting because they have purely guilty of what they are accused of. the judges handling the case should please stand on justice and pass verdict without fear or favour in the next hearing, even if the federal government of Nigeria is absent.  justice delayed is justice denied.

Written By Chinonso Mbah Igwebuike 

Edited By Ezekwereogu John

For Umuchiukwu Writers
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