Friday 15 December 2017

Biafra: Nigeria Is A Failed State That Will Soon  Disintegrate

Biafra: Nigeria Is A Failed State That Will Soon  Disintegrate

An Igbo proverb says "a man who is ignorant of where the rain begins to wet him, cannot say where he desiccated his body".

The heavy rain falling on Nigeria today started decades ago when the British machinery attacked and encroached our land, destroyed, ancient towns/societies and forcefully amalgamated the northern and southern protectorate with no form of consultation or agreement between the elders or representatives of the concerned regions.

The rationale behind  British invasion into Biafra territory was to subjugate Nigerians into abject poverty and subdue them into modern slavery, just as we are witnessing presently and more especially those from Biafra extraction.

Nigeria as a country has failed her citizens woefully and deserve nothing but disintegration. Nigerians should stop hoping that things will get better in Nigeria or pray that things should get better in Nigeria one day, rather the prayer should be let "Nigeria" disintegrate because since I was born till date there is no sign that Nigeria will be better rather she is getting worse every day. Nnamdi Azikiwe said that a broken bottle has no amendment so it is to Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country fully embroiled in an identity crisis, a country whose after fifty-four years (54) of independent still depends on her colonial masters for help.

Those calling for a united Nigeria should please shot their flappy mouth up and look for a better things to say, because it was the fear of unity that postponed the granting of self_government to a major sector of this country, it was also the fear of unity that triggered the civil war from which millions of
innocents Biafrans suffered and perished.

Nigeria is a country of many differences randomly put together and handed over to a nationally inept elite at independence. The struggle for independence in 1960 gave Nigerians togetherness but not unity it also gave Nigeria confidence but not strength.

Ever since the creation of Nigeria by her colonial masters, it will amaze you to note that the corrupt entity called Nigeria has no constitution from 1914 till date, except the so-called military conflicting decree made by retired military generals in 1999.

That is the reason Nigeria has these endless crises where corruption has become the lifestyle of their leaders and lack of good laws to guide the people.

Am urging the united nations to take a strong and proactive measure in making sure Nigeria is disintegrated, the alliance of this unholy marriage must be destroyed completely.

The best alternative is to disintegrate Nigeria and not allow her to explode because if allowed to explode, nobody will survive and the world might not contain it.

Written by [Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah]: Edited by [Lucky Chibundu]

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