It's surprising that some of us here don't know we are under immense media attack. This is the most sustained period of negative media attack in our history. This is also the time to demonstrate that we are indeed formidable. We did not become the largest mass movement on earth by allowing our enemies to overwhelm us, we achieved it by dominating our enemies. This period will not be an exception, we must use social media to year the Zoo apart. 

Lai Mohammed's Ministry of Information has been taken over by a UK based media management team. Therefore, IPOB should expect more sophisticated forms of media attacks from all quarters including international media groups. We should brace ourselves for a new kind of ultra-negative media coverage from Zoo newspaper houses in the next 3 days. They will continue attacking us on all fronts with more fabricated stories and outright lies, so we must respond in a timely manner to every spurious allegation. 

Vanguard newspaper report this evening on the High Court case today reported on the proscription of IPOB recorded the Solicitor General of the Zoo quoting and relying on witness statements provided by Ralph Uwazuruike of BIM/MASSOB to justify the tagging of IPOB as a terror group. At this moment saboteurs and traitors abound in our land but on Saturday we shall send them to oblivion. 

We need to raise our game now, tonight, today not tomorrow. It is the duty of every IPOB family member to defend our right to freedom. Challenge every Zoo lies wherever you meet it, reject traitors wherever they congregate. Go to the comments section of newspaper articles to see what our enemies are saying and tackle them accordingly. Do not let any negative comments go unanswered. 

Disregard every other news platform when it comes to authentic news on IPOB/RADIO BIAFRA/NNAMDI KANU. If the news is not from Radio Biafra broadcasting or transmitting from London, you know such outfit is owned by DSS and operated by expelled traitors. The APC government of Buhari have succeeded in using chicken change to capture Uwazuruike BIM/MASSOB; they have also taken complete control of the moribund Bilie Human Rights Initiative which they tried to use to divide IPOB by naming them Customary Government of IPOB (CG-IPOB), that too did not work because our people were wise to their game. The Nigerian government through Orji Uzor Kalu planted the seed of rebellion in our DOS which led some wannabe leaders to use our preferred name Radio Biafra to collect money from DSS through Orji Uzor Kalu to float an online radio station to serve Hausa Fulani interest whilst pretending to be working for Biafra restoration under IPOB. It was through this so-called International wing of Radio Biafra, according to the DSS, that the announcement was made that Kanu has been sacked. This rogue group is only 8 in number. They are affiliated with the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) a part of the New Nigeria Movement (NNM). They won't tell you this because of their Nigeria affiliations away from public scrutiny. What this shows is that the new infiltration and recruitment strategy of DSS seems to be working on all these fringe Biafra groups but only to an extent. 

Dozie Ikedife, who falsely claims to be part of the elders of IPOB, his son, Dozie Ikedife Jr is the deputy governorship candidate for APC in the upcoming elections on Saturday. That was why Dozie Ikedife never condemned the killing of Biafrans by this Buhari's APC Government. He was also instrumental in the formation of MOBIN, another supposedly pro-Biafra pressure group, to campaign for Biafra participation in Anambra and Nigerian politics using the hallowed name of IPOB. Every mushroom pro-Biafra group is now effectively working for DSS and Aso Rock with the sole aim of penetrating and destroying IPOB from within. These traitors may come to you with subtle talk about the unity of Biafra groups, they will inbox and tag you to their anti-IPOB posts in the hope of convincing you to join them. What you must know is that they have been compromised and looking for a way to contaminate IPOB through you.

If the news you are seeking on Biafra is not from Radio Biafra broadcasting from London or through London, then know it's fake. Our enemies are rich, powerful with international backing, so we must be resilient, dig deep and hold out till Saturday evening 6pm then victory is ours. Between now and Saturday 18th, we must work harder than ever before. No excuses, no complaints, no fatigue, nothing..... we must work round the clock to keep our enemies out of IPOB and Biafra is here. 


Published: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

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