By Russell Idatoru Sunju Bluejack

We should be very,  very proud of ourselves for doing what is uncommon in the black world.  Yes,  Biafra has the potency of putting to halt the underdevelopment of Africa by Africans.  The November 18 Anambra Gubernatorial Election has come and gone,  but the indelible scar left by the solidarity shown by the oppressed, socially and economically alienated people of Biafra will outlive the existence of Nigeria. In her bid to produce a legitimate governor for the people of Anambra against the wish of Anambraians Nigeria found herself as the piteous underdog at the various polling centers that were attended to by ghosts in lieu of humans.  

More worrisome than the clear boycott was the presence of United Nations observers that had come to see for themselves whether there are Biafrans other than Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the region referred to as BIAFRALAND.  Of course,  the foreign observers know pretty well who owns the land. Their complaint at the studio of Channels TV says it all, for they (the foreign observers) did not mince words in their condemnation of the poorest election held in this jungle called Nigeria. Those who anchor their attack of the IPOB stance on the election of the few sellouts, mercenaries  and undisciplined hungry youths need further education on the role of civil disobedience.

There was no time IPOB said there will not be an election,  please take note; rather,  what we said is that we shall not participate in elections on our lands until referendum comes.  Our use of "No Election" should be contextually consumed.  Most Nigerians have become so Nigerianised that ordinary and simple strategy has become rocket science to them.  Too bad that we have many skulls devoid of functional brains in this cursed country.  I can see why Nigeria will continue to become degenerate as time passes.  I call it progress in the reverse order - PROGRESSIVE UNDERDEVELOPMENT. 

Interestingly, the IPOB, unlike the oppressive enclave, have shown that without a president and true political power vide functional representatives,  they can take decisions and actualise same.  This is a serious feat unknown to even those that misrepresent their people in the filthy water of politics in Nigeria.  WHEREAS those indigenous to the emerging State called Biafra could queue behind their leader whose whereabouts and safety are still unknown,  politicians (lootocrats) in Nigeria after having been administered their Oath of Office become estranged to their people, preferring instead to be tied to the apron strings of the Hausa/Fulani. The few Biafrans in politics have become the most vicious enemies against the struggle for liberation. The swift corruption that follows involvement in politics is the main reason why the IPOB remained apolitical in their quest for freedom, a glorious decision  if you ask me.  The unique method adopted by the IPOB in the face of a cacophony of pleas from friends and foes all of whom urged them to toe the path of politics has proved to be the best.  Total abstinence from the murky waters of the worst politics in the world whilst agitating for freedom via referendum has placed the IPOB on the pedestal too high to be reached by the corrupt hand of Nigeria. We are the children of light indeed! 

The one the IPOB made a leader,  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, unlike the likes of Orji Uzor Kalu, Rochas Okorocha,  Joe Igbokwe et al, scaled through all attempts by the oppressors to bribe him,  besmear his image, and kill the struggle.  This saintly demeanour of the leader of the IPOB has kept the struggle on and vivacious, too.  A good leader influences his followers aright. Kanu may not be the first person to agitate for the restoration of Biafra, but he is loved and regarded as such because of his level of discipline and tactics.  Like every human,  he may have taken some wrong decisions with the best of intentions, but so few are such flaws.  He remains the reason behind the over 95% boycott of Anambra Guber Election.  We may not have access to him like we used to; we may not hear his voice like we used to; we may not have seen his face for a very long time after the unlawful invasion of his home by Nigerian Army;  but we shall continue to love, honour,  and follow him.  He will remain our PATHFINDER. 

Dear Nigerians with atrophied brains,  the IPOB did not declare war on elections.  What they did was to ensure that the Anambra Election was boycotted to prove that power belongs to the people.  Of course,  as is customary to Nigeria, there will be a government, but that government shall be illegitimate.  That is our intention. That is what the international community is interested in.  We have shown that we have the needed SOLIDARITY to fight for our right without resorting to any form of violence.  We noticed the late-minute attempt by the frustrated Nigerian Government to make us look like a violent people. Yes, we saw those masked group of people hoisting our flag and issuing a threat to the impostor in Aso Rock.  We refused to be perturbed by that charade because we know who we are.  The IPOB have zero tolerance for violence. We worship the Almighty God, so how can we be violent?  Nigeria will continue to run into cesspits in her devious bid to demean us.  We shall remain whiter than white, completely impeccable in this project that is geared towards liberating our people.  

The international community must do whatever is expedient to liberate us from Nigeria.  We find the forceful occupation of our territories and administration of our regions and natural resources by Nigeria most uncalled for,  bearing in mind that Britain failed to organize referendum before setting our various discordant nations free.  The international community must note that Britain did not set us free but rather CHANGED the form of INDIRECT RULE by putting us UNDER THE CONTROL of the North and West.  We have never had the Nigeria consciousness,  which means there has always been an identity crisis.  We are Biafrans held captive in Nigeria.  It is our unalienable right to administer politically and economically to our regions.  It is our right to seek freedom from glaring economic and political oppression.  It is our right to exist in ways that will be devoid of invasion, ravage,  and butchery by Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram.  All we need is a referendum, not war, for we are tired of being hounded and exterminated like animals in games.  

On our own part,  this is the time to engage in more media activities.  We must saturate the atmosphere of Nigeria with our printed materials and make life hellish for them all.  We will not fold our arms and wait for them anymore.  It is time to excite them to do the right thing. Both Nigeria and the international community must let us go.  

We have gone past the begging era.  It is time to flood the globe with our works.  We already know that we have the number. It is time to adopt a different strategy. More and more media works, dear Biafrans.  Let us engage them in media warfare.  Biafra is close. All hail Biafra! We used "Ofe Nsala" delicacy to scuttle that useless election.  We have heard that some of the contestants are asking for cancellation on the basis of very low turnout.  It appears the mercenaries they hired could not give them 5% turnout.  What a shameful thing! See what we have done to them without firing a shot. All hail Biafra!

Let me end by urging our mother body to invest more time and resources on the unity of the coastal and hinterland parts of Biafra. That is the bigger bridge to cross. But I know we shall cross it.  Biafra is an unstoppable force. 

Russell Idatoru Sunju Bluejack is a radical thinker,  revolutionary writer,  university tutor, and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from the creeks in the coastal part of Biafra.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

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