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It is no longer in doubt that Willie Obiano, the Governor of Anambra State, manipulated the process of the last Anambra State election and has been declared the winner. What many people are finding difficult to understand is the fact that all the parties and politicians have decidedly gone quiet on all his atrocities.
To be sure, it had long been decided by the Fulani hegemony that Obiano would be allowed to continue as governor of the state. He earned it, they reasoned, because of the wicked parts he played during the Python Dance, when he gave out his own flesh and blood for slaughter. They believed he had found a very good stooge in him.
Now, having seen that Obiano won, some of the other politicians and parties in Anambra State had wanted to kick against it, but full realization of the implications stayed their hands. It became obvious to them that Obiano would be running a minority and illegitimate government. Yes, the population that voted was less than 12 per cent of registered voters, which meant that Biafrans had rejected Nigeria and its evil system; its lies it system.
The implications to their political careers was that a new order would evolve with the coming of Biafra in which they could not guarantee how it will swing, whether they would be able to still attain the pole positions they had at the moment. That was why they all agreed to work together to sustain the existing order. That explained why they all jumped into the boat of accepting the faked results concocted between Muhammadu Buhari, Obiano and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). They ignored all the anomalies through which Obiano was said to have won the election.
For instance, those of them, who were known to have voiced their displeasure about the illegalities and irregularities of the election (and who were ready to contest it) were prevailed upon to sheath their swords. There were those, not being privy to the plan to sheath their swords initially, which demanded the result sheets from polling booths, but have been prevailed upon to let it go.
A good example is what happened at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) where Isaac Onuka, the State Chairman of People for Democratic Change (PDC). He was at the INEC office demanding the original copy of the result sheets they signed and was denied. They would not give him because the final result they released had nothing to do with those who voted.
Head of Directorate of State of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Chika Edoziem, recorded it this way: Even with pictorial evidence of empty polling units and despite the true facts recorded by international observers, the Nigerian corrupt agency called INEC whose only term of reference is to ensure that elections are manipulated as best as possible shamelessly announced a winner in an election for which more than 2,600, 000 (two million six hundred thousand) people were registered to vote but saw less than 10,000 (yes ten thousand) votes casted of which majority of these 10,000 are the relatives and hangers-on of the candidates with the rest being those that mortgaged the future of their children for a pot of porridge. These individuals who collected gratification from corrupt politicians who have blood of the innocent on their hands have indeed brought a curse upon themselves, their family and children.
“Despite the antics of our internal detractors and in spite of the huge war chest at the disposal of our enemies, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu achieved more than 95% boycott of the Anambra state November 18th election.
“The false and fake result announced by INEC and being peddled by the compromised Nigerian gutter media is true to form because the Nigeria establishment do not want to accept the resounding defeat handed down to them by the Indigenous People of Biafra as a result of the boycott of the election but we shall expose them.?
On good authority, Biafra intelligence revealed how the Nigerian central government, run by the Fulani, has agreed to refund all the parties’ expenses incurred during the campaigns. All are to make sure they do not bicker and spill the beans in the process, especially how much Biafrans (95 per cent) have rejected Nigeria in their search for separation.

Biafrans, that is the situation today. Igbo-Biafran politicians have done the best they could. But we are Biafrans, we cannot be fooled, and we cannot be intimidated. We have taken the records and we are making it known to the world. Our business is to expose every lie and deception of the Zoo (Nigeria) to the world. We are moving on with that plan and we will certainly get out of the evil contraption called Nigeria. We are unstoppable!
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