Nnamdi Kanu
From Jerry Nwokedimma
For Biafra Choice Media

Biafra continues to win and to make a mockery of Nigeria and everything Nigeria stands for. The latest win is the monumental victory, which came through it latest deception called Anambra State election of Saturday, November 18.
The first victory is over the lie that the Biafrans are terrorists. It was a lie long promoted by Nigerian government and its international allies, through it wanted to rob Biafrans of their properties worldwide. In addition, it wanted to use it to cover its numerous wicked atrocities against the Biafran people. It was also meant to force Biafrans’ hands into violent agitation.
It was an elaborate concerted plan. But they failed and Biafrans triumphed. It turned out nobody was molested in the whole of Anambra State during the so-called election, and this is in spite of the fact that the governments – both state and central – tried everything to provoke the people to violence. It also paid money to m any people to have them come out and vote.
The second victory is that Biafrans have spoken against Nigeria. 88 per cent of the people abstained from the elections in response to Biafran leadership’s call to boycott the elections. In other words, while 88 per cent of Biafrans want Biafra and nothing to do with Nigeria; only a paltry 12 per cent want to still remain in the expired contraption.
With this situation, hardcore Biafrans should not fear about the fake statistics – doctored statistics – which the Nigerian authorities have generated to try and deny the successful boycott. Let them go on with their lies, which as usual, will eventually turn to become their undoing. It will eventually work against them. It is Biafra all the way!
Don’t even bother yourselves with all those social media rats that had been paid to write nonsense against Biafra and Biafrans (their own people). The money paid them will soon finish, and those who pay them will be running into deeper shit looking for more money to pay them.

Be strong Biafrans, we are winning and winning big!
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