Jerry Nwokedimma
For Biafra Choice Media

The first Biafran referendum has been held, and the world is aware that Biafrans truly want out of Nigeria. The facts are there for all to see:
Numbers that participated = 322, 958.
Numbers that did not participate =2,357,042.
Percentage that voted =12.04 per cent
The simple analyses is that 88 per cent of the people have rejected Nigerian election, and by implication Nigeria; while 12 per cent of the registered voters participated in the election because they wanted to give Nigeria another chance.
A deeper look shows the precarious position Nigerian government has suddenly plunged itself with the Biafran situation. It first killed scores of Biafrans, even attacked the home of Nnamdi Kanu (the Biafran leader) that nobody now knows his whereabouts, just to intimidate the Biafrans. It forced stooges in government (those they call political leaders in Biafraland) to disown their own people; then went about bribing the people – both unscrupulous clergies and the warrant chiefs they call traditional rulers. All these are acts that are now open to the world.
But in spite of all these, the people ignored them and stayed away from the polls, and now they are all in heightened panic. They have started doctoring the statistics of the election in their attempt to discredit a boycott which was observed even as far as Abia State. But Biafrans are not bothered; they know what future implication of doctoring numbers and trying to change the narrative of an events have for those who indulge in such malfeasance.
The danger in continuously changing the narrative, as the Nigerian government is always doing, is that in the end it becomes unmanageable and they expose themselves. The message to Biafrans today is that they must not give up, or be intimidated by such change of narratives by Nigerian government.
Very soon the money paid out to those social-media rats, which have been pushed out the current deconstructed narrative will run out, and the noise will go down. We are Biafrans! We are determined, we are formidable, and we are built for the long haul; for the marathon.

We are winning and winning big!
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