• Author: Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
  • Editor: Ezekwereogu John
  • Date: 13th November 2017
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Election is a process of choosing a leader, members of parliament, councillors, or other representatives by popular vote, that's what election means to every civilized country, but in Nigeria it is different, election in Nigeria is redefined as a process where a leader or other Representatives are selected by the most powerful corrupt political party who has the potential to rig out it's contestant, it is process where only those with the highest evil reputation will be elected.

In this heterogeneous country called Nigeria, politics is life and death game, a dirty game was the partaker is eager to shed innocent blood in order to get to that particular position they aspire for.

For anybody from Biafra extraction to be a successful politician in Nigeria, the person must be an Hausa Fulani loyalist (slave) or must be loyal in every instruction giving to them,even if it amounts to killing their own people in order to please their political godfathers (Hausa Fulani), that's why all these Biafrans who are politicians have never defended Biafrans in perilous times .

Nigerian Politicians, to us (Biafrans), is discourteous, impolitic to the common poor masses, innocent lives are being sacrificed by these murderous Nigerians politicians just to get or retain their political position in Nigeria polity.

On 9th of February 2016, the so-called governor of Abia State Okezie Ikpeazu , chief security of the state, ordered the Nigerian Army and her sister security force to kill Biafrans praying for the release their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, at National High school in Aba Abia state, which more than 70 unarmed IPOB members where brutally murdered by the murderous Nigerian security agencies for no just cause. This same set of Hausa Fulani political slaves in Biafra land, the likes of Willie Obiano, Orji Uzor Kalu, Rochas Okorocha, Davi Umahi, Nnia Nwodo and host of others.

Recall that Willie Obiano also ordered the mass killing of Biafrans on 30th May 2017 at Nkpor, while they were paying their usual mark of respect to Biafra fallen heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate price that we may live and restore Biafra , On that unforgettable black Monday more than 50 Biafrans were repellently murdered in cold blood while others were afflicted with life threatening injury which also later led to their untimely death, others were abducted alive and killed in secret, their corpse buried in an undisclosed area, all these killings were spearheaded by Obiano.
The Murderous Anambra state governor Wilie Obiano who committed unforgettable and unforgivable sin against Biafrans still came out, contesting to be re-elected as governor, this is unbelievable, it shows that these politicians are Satan's embodiment, they are all demons in nature, that's the fact.
However, the poor masses have no goon voting Nigerian politicians anymore, because none of them has leadership qualities neither does they hold a clean reputation, around their various communities where they come from, all they are known for is deceiving people during election period with empty promises.

In the reality of all these, due to this unending devilish pretentious attitude from these politicians in Biafra land, IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu decided and adopted a strategy to decisively deal with the Nigeria government by issuing an "ELECTION BOYCOTT" strategy in order to rekindle,emancipate and sanitize our people from Nigeria political damnation through civil disobedience, which is inalienable right of every citizen . this "ELECTION BOYCOTT" clever ploy by IPOB contributed total election boycott of Enugu local government election on Saturday 4th November few days ago.
As Biafra struggle continues to gain ground untamed, in the old eastern geopolitical zone of the heterogeneous contraption called Nigeria, Biafran must remain steadfast, never to relent towards Biafra restoration.
Therefore our duty as Biafrans is to make sure that "no election" holds again in Biafra land and this is spearheaded by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB, the message is sent across every nooks and crannies of Biafra land but beginning with Anambra State before this scheduled fruitless election on 18th November, total boycott of Anambra election will hasten Biafra restoration and save Biafrans from damnation in this contraption called Nigeria.

Nigeria government has set November 18th for Anambra gubernatorial Election. Biafrans also set the same day as "SIT AT HOME" a day Biafrans popularly refer as "OFE NSALA DAY" as the original owners of the land , we have been urged to boycott Anambra election come 18th November, to attract the attention of world, how prepared are we to get our dear Biafra nation and subsequently decide a date for Biafra referendum for Biafrans to decide their faith in the country.


Publisher: Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka for Umuchiukwu Writers
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