Author: Ezekwereogu John
Lucky Chibundu
Date: November 13, 2017.
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Biafran schools

Be wary of these shameless and corrupt individuals under the different political platform. All the candidates for the forthcoming Anambra State gubernatorial election are the shameless set of corrupt individuals, from Obiano (APGA), Obaze (PDP), Nwoye (APC), Chidioka (UPP) Etc. All I see is shameless and corrupt set of people doing shameful things in the name of campaign.

IPOB members killed by our politicians 

If you are discerning, their modes of campaign show that all the candidates are shameless. All of them! Just a careful Look at the incumbent governor Willie Obiano, for instance. If reason prevails, if sanity is common, his campaign should be his performance as the governor in the last three years. There should be no better way to campaign. He is busy going from village to village, from town to town, sharing petty gifts like hair attachments to people, He is busy entering popularly known tricycle( Keke Napep) and motorcycle (Okada) from one pillar to another with his wife . His wife suddenly goes to the markets to shop by herself. I wonder what impression they want to create with all these shenanigans . of cause election is around the corner suddenly they have turn humble individuals eating and drinking with the poor masses in marketplaces? It will take gullibility to fall for these gimmicks. Willie Obiano has nothing to show for his ongoing Administration and his campaigning for another tenure? This is sheer madness.

Biafrans sent to prison by our politicians just for agitation for self-determination  

Note, I only use the incumbent governor as an example. All the other candidates are like him...they are all typical Nigerian politicians, No manifestos, Not even a leadership charisma in them. They use petty gifts and pretentious acts to lure people to vote for them. The campaign should be about what you intend to do to better the standard of living (like creating jobs). Not giving the people gifts to vote for you. When I talk about what you intend to do, I don't mean like what Obaze said that he will provide free WiFi in public places if elected.This is Nonsense! We have more pressing needs than free WiFi. That is just a clever but very cheap and flimsy strategy to manoeuvre people (especially youths) to vote for him, knowing that most people are internet freaks. "Anyi aga ata data ata" (are we going to eat Wi-Fi), I am not saying it is bad to provide free WiFi, but making it one of his major campaign manifestos and people are clapping for him shows how much we have lost sight of our prior needs as a state or nation.

Hope still beckons on us to totally boycott all elections as this is a major hit for the restoration of Biafra. It is Biafra or death, do not be deceived by these politicians.

Publisher: Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka for Umuchiukwu Writers
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