Monday 27 November 2017

Biafra: The Illegal Abduction Of Biafra Journalists Is An Assault On Journalism

Dan and Chuks

Because the Nigeria government preferred lies and junks, therefore journalists who are ready to expose their lying mechanism have automatically become their greatest nightmares. The Nigerian government have on several occasions carried out assaults and injustice on journalism. I still wonder if there are bodies or organizations who care about these people that risk their lives only to put them through the right channel of information. Although, the Nigeria government has been on the verge to destroy indigenous journalists from Biafra land.

It all began like a joke. On the 4th day of November 2017, Prince Dan and Chuks Egwuatu of family writers press (one of the Biafra media) were abducted by the Nigeria Security Services while they were on duty to cover the events that took place during the Local government Area election at Enugu, for crimes yet to be known by the Indigenous People Of Biafra. Till date, the duo has been illegally detained and we fear if they might still be blinking at the moment. Earlier information about them addressed them as dead walking corpse hence they face constant tortures from the Nigerian security operatives.

History has it that this same incident occurred during the bloody genocidal war waged against Biafrans by the Nigerian government when innocent Irish journalists (18 in number) were jailed because they briefed the world of the true events that took place which one among them was the death of over six million people by starvation and many more.

Also, 25th of December 2016 was horrible for Moses Agbo a Biafran journalist who was kidnapped on the above-mentioned date by the SSS and detained illegally; He'll be in better position to explain his ordeals while in the dungeon.

The Nigeria murderous security agents have in continuity displayed their ignorance before the world even though they have been rated the worst security agency in the world caused by their constant intimation of unarmed civilians. This is why, the indigenous people of Biafra under the supreme leadership of Mazi  Nnamdi Kanu are once again alerting the world and journalists across the globe on the illegal abduction of these innocent journalists, by Nigeria state security service "SSS" in the bid to tagging "IPOB" a terrorist organization.

Ever since their abduction, no one has been allowed to see them not even their family members talkless of allowing the passage of food to them; this means that they have been starving till date, and this is the more reason we are disturbed knowing the amount of torture they've been exposed to.

It is preferable to charge them to court if at all they have committed any crime. The only crime they might have committed was to take coverage of the election and give out the information accurately.

We urge human right organizations to pressurize the Nigeria government more especially Enugu state governor to Immediately order the unconditional release of these innocent journalists or charge them to court if ever they have committed any crime. There isn't any justification for them to be killed or prosecuted without the legal process.


Written By Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah

Edited By Ugochinyere Onyechere

For Umuchiukwu writers.
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