Sunday 26 November 2017


I am a Biafran not a terrorist
I am broken, I've been forsaken
I am a freedom  fighter, fighting for what I believe in.

I wish to save an earthly portion for my children dwell in.

In these trial times, I feel the whole world hates me.

In my lonely nights ,I wonder why he has forsaken me.

Everyday i see myself in the mirror of life. Embracing  rejection is all it defines .

As I look deeper into the various  depths of the unimaginable
Wandering in solitude, desiring the  unthinkable.

Yet I’ve these things to request from the one who was before everything began.

As i walk through the lonely streets and the desolate homes.

As i walk through the valley of shadow of death

I See my people  cry and children die.
I have these request to put on the table  of the one who was before everything began.

Oh father heal our soul and make us whole,
give us Biafra and make her adorable , and to all our enemies please make them  vulnerable
I am a Biafran  not a Terrorist, I am not foot soldier, I only speak the truth no matter the dangers.

To avoid being shut down by the Nigeria soldiers, i dodge the bullets and sometimes bite the dust.

I cry everyday cause  my heart is filled with compassion for the dejected and also for the  lost.

My mission is holy and Just and the last is what I put first.

The sound of my music is a sorrowful melody, piercing the heart of  man .
The echoes of my voice a wake up call. Urging every man to do the will of the most high .

But Sometimes, I feel this dark side of the emotions. Where everything  is so far away.

Haunted by the memories of my fellow comrades shot down by the Nigeria soldiers. At such moments I wish to sail away.

Sometimes i Woke up in the middle of the night staring at the walls. Hoping to understand these dark sentences.

A message sent across by the emotions asking me to give up on this beautiful painting at the dept of my soul.

These paintings is me being human. Little joy, little pain this makes my soul bleed, but that's what the painting has taught me. My heart is pure , & my soul is wounded.

Now the only problem I've got is the pain in my heart creating the challenges that I never imagined, Now I could hear someone ask me who I am?

I am the rejected Biafran, not a terrorist ; My heart is fragile, the tempest makes my soul weak.

I drank from many oceans, I've walked  through many valleys until I met a man, whose name would remain unchanged at the depth of my being. I was lost in the wilderness, wandered in streets of agony, bereaved like of child of a fallen soldier. Intimidated by some alien forces.

Only to hear a roaring voice.. A voice that gave me strength.

That voice is the voice of the  leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. The voice of Nnamdi Kanu.

He bore the sorrows my people. He came flying in the wings of the eagle .
He withstood the raging storms..  Like the lightning from heaven he comes. With the sword of truth, he destroyed all my enemies.

He raised me up and cleans all my tragedies; with the touch of his finger he gave me boldness, gave me hope made me fearless .

That moment the world was looking for a lamb to slaughter but they saw the lion of the tribe of Judah resident in a a mortal man. He said to my  wounded soul peace be still.

Just like every Hebrew  MASHAIC ever ready to lay down his life. Once he gave me his life, twice am alive; Do you still want  know who I am, I am the reincarnation of the 3.5 million Biafrans killed during the civil war.

By Chibuike Agba (Toostraight)

Umuchiukwu Media.
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