By Chidiebere Kalu (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Since the creation of Nigeria till now Biafrans have been working to be at peace with Nigerians but all our efforts have always been abortive because Nigeria doesn't want us.

Nigeria has been one just on papers but not in real life. They have hated us from the beginning that they don't think good of us. They have been managing to stay together with us because of our natural resources and nothing more.

Nigerians don't want to let us go, they don't want us to exist as a race, they don't want Biafra restoration, they don't want referendum and they don't want to restructure either. At this juncture, therefore, we Biafrans want the world to ask Nigeria what they want because we can't continue like this with them.

It is concluded that the main reason why Nigerians don't want restructuring nor do they want to let Biafrans go is because, if Nigeria is restructured they will start seeing what we have been passing through and if they let us go they will be left with nothing and again because they have nothing and can do nothing without Biafrans.

But the truth this time is that our mind is made up because we can't keep dying for other peoples' misfortune. We are Biafrans; we have been in existence before the creation of Nigeria and now that we want to return to our country we must be allowed to go. Either in peace or in pieces it's Biafra or nothing, let the world leaders and the United Nations stand up to their responsibilities and give us a date for our referendum.

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