By Bishops Edwin

I know where Nnamdi Kanu is now.

I apologise to all my friends. I am going to let this secret out. My conscience is exploding in grief for keeping it this long.. I know exposing this will make some people think I can't keep simple secrets. I know some Lilly hearts will feel betrayed. The brave ones have been irking to hear this truth.

I know the whereabouts of Kanu!
This is not like Orji Uzor Kalu's spurious hullabaloo of Mazi Kanu fleeing from Malaysia to London. He is just seeking cheap relevance. He wants to be in the picture. He did it at Kuje. Filled the Social media with his Trojan horse entry. Ekele Dili Chukwuthat for once he said the truth after that visit, "Kanu is unbribable!".. Akòró gbago, akòró gbadata.

Afara Ukwu, Umuahia 14th September 2017..
The Nigerian wicked establishment unleashed their terrorist groups at Biafrans, clothed with military camos.
News headlines later said the army claimed responsibility for that state-sponsored acts terrorism.. Army later added that they FOUND bombs at Kanu's home. Next day, they said they DID NOT ENTER his home. Weed oriented self-countering speeches!!

Untrained in the use of assault rifles and the just supplied US APC tanks.
They claimed their drivers were just testing the maneuvers and how the steering could turn into streets. A battalion probably was calculating bullet trajectory and speed as all the bullets rained on us. piercing walls and roof. Bodies went down. Souls left. Blood drew maps on the ground. A few legs ran. Mine did too.
I saw kanu, he refused to run. The boys on guard "lost order" and lifted him off his feet. They wanted him alive. They need him alive. Every man and woman of Biafra land whisked Kanu away, in spirit and in flesh. Even his enemies prayed that he survives this.
A dying soul screamed,"fear not, Biafra Will Come but you must leave here now!".

Shooting turned to shelling.
Some lines of the famous Biafra war song grazed through my mind. my bullet oh Biafra.
If I happen to fall and die for Biafra
Biafra save my Bullet when I die

The dying souls pleaded that Kanu is saved. Kanu is the bullet now and every Biafran have his.

A little distance further. The weight of the crying brothers and dying friends was too heavy to bear. Nnamdi Kanu refused to retreat an inch further. He walked back towards the soldiers, towards the shooting. He walked through them. He had done it before. He did it at Abakiliki road. But this time he didn't finish the walk. They took him away. We traced and followed them like Miriam followed baby Moses at River Nile. Now River Niger carried our Moses in a basket.

Finally.. They took him to somewhere. Where they can't kill him. They tried. But it was just impossible. I know where Nnamdi Kanu is right now.
Kanu is glued and bonded today in every Biafran heart. In our minds. In our speeches. We Speak Kanu. He is on your conscience! Bring out the Kanu in you first.. Fear not! We shall not capitulate!!.. 
Nnamdi Kanu was not asking for a farmland nor food nor clothes but the restoration of the indigenous dignity of mankind in Biafra land.
Let's keep away the Spirit of servitude and mental slavery induced by these quislings and petty belle first politicians of PDP vs APC and bring out the Kanu in us!.
That's where Kanu is now.
#Bring_Out_Our_Kanu (BOOK)

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