By Okpareze Oluebube Confidence (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Buhari said he would not rest until Nigerians see the country of their dreams and he promised on his Eid-el-Kabir message that "his administration which has made the security, economic well-being and prosperity to all Nigerians it's priority will not rest until they see Nigeria of their dream". He also promised that his administration would build a great Nigeria.

Now Mr. President, how do you expect Nigeria to be better and great when you want to implement Sharia law in the country without considering if it would suit the people you are leading? How do you expect a great Nigeria When: You held a meeting with the service chiefs but no Igbo Biafran was there and not only that, the meeting was organized to discuss matters concerning the Igbo Biafrans and how to eliminate them.

There is no Igbo Biafran heading any military/paramilitary agency in Nigeria; Example, Army, Navy, Customs, DSS, Air Force, NDLEA and others. President Buhari violated federal character which is enshrined in the constitution to make sure the most hated Igbo Biafrans are sidelined in everything. He is not deterred by complaints as can be seen in his most recent appointments into the NNPC.

Below is the list of recently appointed NNPC managers by Buhari.
Malami Shehu-MD Port Harcourt Refining Company.
Muhammadu Abah-MD Warri refinery.
Umar Aliya-MD of NPMC
Ahamadu Katagum-GGM Shipping.
Farouk Ahamed-MD product
Usman Yusuf-GMD
Ibrahim Birma-GGM governance Risk and Compliance
Shaibu Musa-MD NNPC medical services.
Bala Wunti-GGM Cp
Adewale Ladenegan-MD Kaduna refinery.
Adeyemi Adetunji-MD NNPC retail.
Bola Afolabi-GGM research and Development.
Roland Ewubare- Group General Manager.
Diepriye Tariah-MD of IDSL

All offices in Nigeria has an Hausa man as its head.
Nigeria will not be better again because no Igbo man has headed an office ever since Buhari became the president of Nigeria.
What was Buhari’s aim for sacking everybody in the office? Is it not just to choose the people he loves so much (Hausa).
What made him want to implement the Sharia law in Nigeria?
What made him stop the arresting of Boko Haram and continued with the killing of Biafrans and Christian? Why did he close all the seaports and Airports in the East and allowed only the airport in the North?
All these are questions we should ask ourselves.
Buhari does not want anything good for Biafrans, he is more concerned on how to make his brothers and States better. He wants all living Igbos dead so that the Hausa-Fulani would take over Igbo land. But thanks to Chukwu Okike Abiama for sending Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to rescue us from this bondage.
President Buhari, all we want is a date for Referendum and our land Biafra. We do not want your great Nigeria. We don't want your money, your offices and any other thing apart from Biafra.
All hail Biafra!!

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  1. I have heard you sir. Biafra's freedom is Oduduwa's freedom. We must work together to achieve our common goals of liberation for our respective peoples.