Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
It is quite clear that Biafrans are in bondage in Nigeria since the amalgamation. Biafrans are denied their rights; no freedom of speech, no road no hospital, no good water, no electricity, no school, no job, no payment of salaries to workers.

Many of Biafran youths are dying in deserts, some in prisons abroad, some have been shot in cold blood, and many are dying of starvation, while many have died due to lack of care.
Due to corruption in the Nigerian government, masses are denied their rights. Poor masses are no longer going to school due to the high cost of school fees. For the poor to attend higher institution is like going to the Moon. In Nigeria, higher institutions are for those that come from wealthy families.

There are much killings and intimidations in Nigeria, mostly in Biafra land. But it is not so in the North and West of Nigeria. Biafrans are in bondage in Nigeria. Every prison is full of Biafrans. Nigerian police can never arrest any Hausa Fulani no matter the crime committed. Hardly you see an Hausa Fulani in prison, not minding that they are the Boko Haram, and in charge of all the killings in Biafra land. But Innocent Biafrans are entering prisons as one enters his sitting room. This is hatred in the highest level. To be free from all these, Biafra is the answer.

Nigeria is what it is today because of the Oil in Biafra land while the Nigerian government, controlled by the Hausa Fulani does not want to hear about Biafra, rather want to wipe out Biafrans and occupy our land. Their father sir Ahmadu Bello said they will not allow us control over our destiny, but Buhari has taken this Biafra hatred to a new height. He promised his people in the palace of Katsina that instead of Biafra to go, everybody will drown in the Atlantic Ocean. This is why state actors in this Buhari’s two-year rule have killed more Biafrans than any other time in history, apart from the Biafran war, which he was a major actor.

Biafrans do not need any more motivations to boycott the November 18th Anambra guber election. The world is watching to see if we really need Biafra or we are just jumping up and down for nothing. To add to that, we have been voting for the past 50 years, what is the result? The politicians feed fat on our collective wealth while the masses suffer. They send their children abroad to study while they leave our schools to rot away. To boycott Anambra election, and subsequent Nigeria elections in Biafra land is freedom for Biafrans. We must put pressure on them to give us a date for referendum because we want to have our destiny in our hands; we want leaders elected by us not those imposed on us by our enemies. If we elect our leaders, Biafran Government will develop Biafra in a way that every Citizen will have equal right

To prove that Nigerian government has hatred on Biafrans, look at the Military Schools and Strategic Institution built by Nigerian government and their locations; -
Nigeria defence academy...North. Nigeria defence college. ...North. Nigerian military school. ...North. Army School of Artillery. ...North. Army school of Armour...North. Army School of Infantry. ...North. Command and Staff College. ...North. Report of Nigeria Army...North. Air Force training school. ...North. Defence Industry Corporation. ...North. Air Force Institute of Technology...North. Army Doctrine and training command. ...North. National Institution of Police and strategic studies...North. Army Institute of technology and environment studies. ...North. Army School of Education. ...North.

South East
Nigeria Navy finance and logistic school Owerrenta...South East.

South West;

Army signal school Lagos...South West. Army Intelligence school. ...Lagos. South West. Army school of finance and admin; Lagos ...South West. Navy Intelligence School. ... South West. Navy Physical Training school. ... South West

South South;

Navel Engineering College. ... South-South. Navy Hydrographic School ...South South. Navy Basic training school. ... South South.
Now, who is fooling whom? N.B The money used to build all these schools came from Biafra land.
Remember boycotting Anambra's election, and Nigeria election in Biafra land is the beginning of welcoming Biafra Nation.

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