The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) lead by Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya under the supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra, Biafra Television and the commander in chief of the Biafra arm forces, on Sunday 29 October 2017 inaugurated yet another long and awaited zone in mechanic site Abakaliki the Ebonyi state capital.

Mazi Ugochukwu Nweke the deputy coordinator Ebonyi state IPOB who lead the inauguration team to the area while speaking to the news men shortly after the inauguration ceremony, says that the name of the new zone is Ndi-Agoziri Agozi zone 1 which is in Ebonyi North senatorial district. Recall that three zones were inaugurated just two weeks ago in the same senatorial district which covers the major territory within the state capital such as: Abakaliki LGA, Izzi LGA, Ohaukwu LGA as well as Izhia and Ngbo nearest to the capital, these people are known for their high level of doggedness in whatever they do.

The Ebonyi North district coordinator Mazi Wisdom Ezike who performed the inauguration on behalf of the state coordinator who went for another assignment urged the new coordinator of the zone, Mazi Paul Oyoke to work friendly with the people of the zone and the superiors in the struggle to restore Biafra especially in the state as to achieve the anticipated result in the struggle which is to restore Biafra. The people of the zone was extremely happy as they came out in their mass to join the inauguration ceremony. Nevertheless, Miss Oyo Comfort who is the women leader in the zone asked for clarification on how monthly dues is being paid and Mazi Wisdom Ezike says that monthly dues is a little token contributed monthly by every hardcore member of IPOB to be forwarded to the national, which is being used to pay some bills for the struggle to keep moving forward as it is the responsibility of IPOB to finance the   struggle, because we do not rely on politicians for whatever we are doing. 

Meanwhile the state IPOB coordinator Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya together with some principal officers in the state, paid a visit to Ishielu LGA with the aim to rectify the lingered misunderstanding among the people of  the area which has disrupted the IPOB activities in the local government area, Our corresponded in the area Akadike Kelvin who followed the gathering reported that it was a huge success as the issues was settled amicably, thereby refreshing all and sundry to a happy mood and ready to work state. Igwe Ogbonnaya who preside over the peace making event prayed the people to lay down their differences and unit forces to get Biafra restoration, he further said  "Dispute is not what we need at this critical point in our quest to restore Biafra, but unity and creativity to totally dismantle the Nigeria government, especially now that the Anambra state election is around the corner, which must be boycotted, on the 18 November 2017 as instructed by the leadership of IPOB to be 'Sit At Home' and 'Ofe-Nsala Day' not just in Anambra state but the whole of Biafra land".

The coordinator of the Area Apostle Jona Nwani expressed his happiness over the conflict resolution and assured the people and the state coordinator that he will hence forth double his effort and do what is needed so as to carry everybody along in the area of his jurisdiction. The people was extremely glad that once again they have reunited with their state counterpart.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday
For: Ebonyi Media

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