By Nwachi Okike

Femi Adesina please tell President Buhari that this religious war of Extermination which he wants to start with Biafran people will consume everybody including you.

I have these questions for him Buhari:

#1: Why is it that only in Nigeria that a call for self-determination is regarded as an act of treason and war?

#2: Why is it that only in Nigeria a call for a referendum is regarded as an act of treason and a call for war?

President Buhari must answer these two questions.

And I want to remind him and his fellow Hausa Fulani Islamic fundamentalism that no matter how far you bury truth one day it must surface, why I'm saying this is to make him and his fellow genocides to know that we generations of Biafra are everywhere in the world, we study, we do business, we live with citizens of our host countries, we interact with their professors and scholars, we read history, we know every village, every street around the world.

Our far exposure gives us the opportunity to investigate what happened to our people between 1967 to 1970 and come to understand that what we were been told in Nigeria was just lies to cover up.

What actually happened was a religious war of extermination of Biafran people, the Hausa Fulani Islamic jihadist used the then head of state Gen.Yakubu Gowon to deceive Britain and the world in believing that is wasn't a religious war.

Tell Mr.President that the truth is no more hidden.

He should use this his last opportunity to be in power to find a way to bring about healing not threatening.

Comparing a peaceful freedom movement IPOB with a murderous terrorist organization like Bokoharam by given the order to service chiefs to crush IPOB and arrest Nnamdi KANU a freedom fighter is an act of provocation and it shows that he had hardened his heart to exterminate the great Igbo race.

Hmmm, he should not please start what he cannot finish.

1967 is no more 2017, this is the 21st century.

What Nnamdi KANU asked for is a referendum, not war and it is our right as indigenous people according to UN and AU chatter on people right to self-determination which Nigeria is a signatory to.

War is destruction but the referendum is peace.

Have a good day Sir.

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